SAP workplace 2004s SP6

This doc is part of workspace 2004s
, you need to look there first for the patch prerequities.

Upgrade the Dev Studio

Stop all the SAP system
use the sap management console (MMC) to shut down the whole SAP Server (all instances)

Extract the Visual studio patch (in a temp folder)
#sapcar -xvf JIDE06_0-10003480.SAR
#Go in the created folder and run 
cd e:\sapcd\patches\nw2004s_patches\sp06\studio\J2EE-RUNT-CD\IDE

Once the Installer runs, choose "Update" and complete the install.

Upgrade Web AS / Portal / Trex

Restart the instance using the sap MMC.

Log As ZTBADM on windows we have to log off ant then log as in as user "ztbadm"
I found a better way to do this:
Start a command prompt this way:
Go to Start/Program/Accessories, and Right click on "Command Prompt", in the contextual menu, select "Run As"
A "run as" prompt will popup, select the user ZTBadm.

Now we have a shell where we are logged as ZTBadm (like a unix "su")

Do the rest of the patching as ZTBADM using this command prompt
Use JSPM as explained here (or see section 2.2 of the PDF).

First we need to fix the SDM (since we are running <=SP4):
If you don't do this patch will fail !
cd <SDM_HOME> (c:\usr\sap\ZTB\JC01\SDM\program)
# Note the QUOTES, they have to be there for this to work (differs from linux.)
sdm.bat jstartup "mode=standalone"
sdm.bat systemcomponentstate "mode=activate"
sdm.bat jstartup "mode=integrated"

If the DB(MaxDB) is not up, start it with SAP MMC
We also need the SDM up, so start the J2ee node as well
wait for the SDM to be started.

Start the JSPM
cd c:\usr\sap\ZTB\JC00\j2ee\JSPM\
#(takes a while for the gui to come up)

Enter the password to login in the SDM
for nwdi package control choose "Not under nwdi" (Only deployment servers are ??)

Choose "single package"
and select all the packages and click "next"
After JSPM is updated, restart JSPM to continue the update
Choose "Support package stack" / "No NWDI control"
Select to use "2004SP6_workplace.xml"

if "support package stacks" does not work (does not find any stack), this probably means you are missing some packages (SAR) or that some are corrupted.
Click "Next", it will run "Check Queue" for a while (=~15mn)

Then it will show what it's gonna do, at that point make sure you close the MMC if it's open, then click "Next"

Update should hopefully complete after a while (half a day, depending on machine).

The JSPM did not work properly and failed many times.
The way i got it all patched, is each time it would fail, i would note the name of the package(s) that failed.
Then i would start the SDM program (..\..\SDM\program\RemoteGui.bat) and deploy those packages manually from there. (We had to do sapjeecor, sapjee, sapjtechf, sapjtechs)
Once those package are deployed, start the jspm again and do "new deployment", "support stack" etc ... and it should continue the patching process.
Go back to the JSPM to complete the patching. (if it fails(out of memory), try "retry", if it still fails, go back to the SDM ...)

At this stage it seem JSPM is really buggy, so had to use SDM as the backup (BTW it is weird this works, because in theory JSPM is just a frontend for SDM).

Upgrading IGS

I was getting this error: "format error in header" when trying to unzip (sapcar -xvf) the igs.sar file.
The reason was that i was using a too old sapcar, so make sure you always use the latest verion of sapcar.
Because of a bug in SP5,SP6 the patch has to be done manually
see this SAP note:

  • Stop the instance with MMC
  • copy all from E:\sapcd\patches\nw2004s_patches\sp06\IGS to C:\usr\sap\ZTB\JC01\exe (overwrite)
  • restart the instance


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