Worplace 2004s uninstall

Normal uninstall

cd E:\sapcd\51031374_dev_ws_04s\IM_WINDOWS_I386 run sapinst.exe

Select "Uninstall dev. worplace"

Give the profile folder when requested: C:\usr\sap\ZTB\SYS\profile and click "Next"

Check "remove all instances" and "remove all sap users" and press "Next"

Choose "Uninstall database" type "Maxdb", Next

Provide the passwords when requested, Next

Select "Drop the whole DB", Next

Select "remove database software", Next

Press "Start"

Forced uninstall

This is just a way to force remove manually if the uninstaller does not want to do it's job right, because the installation is too broken.
This is mostly a trial and error thing and not an "SAP" procedure.
Use SAP MMC / visual admin, to shut down the system (if still working/running)
Can also use: c:\usr\sap\ZTB\JC01\exe\  sapsrvkill FRENCHIE_ZTB_00    (and _01)
remove (or backup) old c:/usr/sap
Also if want to keep old j2ee, rename c:\jdt into c:\jdt_old
# to remove the old MaxDB (Note: 599129)
(Have to stop the db first : dbmstop.exe -d ztb)
run "dbmcli db_enum" to find runnign db instances (found ZTB)
then "dbmcli -d ZTB -u control,control db_offline"
then "dbmcli -d ZTB -u control,control db_drop"
cd C:\sapdb\programs\bin
sdbuninst.exe -all
remove or backup old c:/sapdb
If sapdb does not want to go away (kill kernel.exe serv.exe and wahhtp processes).
Remove the old JDT folder c:/JDT
Remove /usr/sap (might need to stop SAP j2ee server first)
Remove The windows SAP users (2 of them)
Remove The windows SAP groups (3 of them)
Remove c:\program_files\sap_instdir\workplace
Run regedit and delete hkeylocal_machine\software\sap\sapdb_tech (also ZTB etc ..)
Also to force a full reinstall of worplace instead of an upgrade remove c:\windows\sapwksta


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