Using SAP Developer Worplace

WARNING While this should still be helpful, we decided to stop using the NWDI as we had too many issues with it. see here for more infos on that.

For the doc on installing Workplace see: Workspace 2004s
For the doc on installing the JDI see: JDI 2004s

Using the JDI / NWDI

see crm50 extension guide
see doc here :

also see CD258 from saptech 2005 (putting it all together - app. dev. in sap netweaver exercise/demo)

also class 207 of CD3 of saptech 2005 dvds

Creating the B2C project

Start dev studio
open the "dev configurations perspective" (windows/perspectives/others)
go in windows/preferences/ jdi dev config pool
Enter the SLD URL: http: and click ok
right click on "local development" in "local DC" and choose "import configuration"
choose type "remote"

login as NWDI_DEV with password (Note: had to do it as administrator as NWDI permissions where not working right)
select "CRM_dev" and click "next" and then "finish"

Go in Inactive Dc's, and right click on CRM/B2C an choose create project
Keep all the dependencies and press OK
Build the module (build) to create the web modeule (.war)

Creating the custom code extension

To extend the java code, right click on crm/home/shr/ext (in inactive dc's) and do "create project"
keep all dependencies and press ok.

Create a folder "src/packages" under this project.

In that folder you can add your custom code.

Defining the dependencies

Checking in

B2C custom code

see B2C Customization

Creating an EAR for local deployment

FIXME under construction

Go in Inactive Dc's, and right click on CRM/B2C an choose create project, craete a project of type EAR (b2c_ear)
Right click on it in J2EE explorer and do "Add module"
and add the crm.isa.web.b2c war module
Edit the application.xml and set the context to something decent (ie: "b2ctest")
Right click on the EAR project and select "build"
Once built we can see the EAR and deploy it locally for testing "deploy to j2ee engine".

Then go to and log as administrator


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