Upgrading ISA from 2007 SP0 to SP1


#Got the stack here: https://service.sap.com/sp-stacks (need to allow popups)
#got the 2007 SP1 stack and add the files to the basket and use the download manager to save

them and use download manager to get them
# they are in /mnt/sapcd/patches\nw2004s_patches\sp07\jspm\

Use JSPM as explained here (or see section 2.2 of the PDF).

List of files i have:
SP1 files
|-- ADSSAP14_0-10003001.SCA
|-- BASETABLES14_0-10003462.SCA
|-- BIMMR14_0-10002782.SCA
|-- BIUDI14_0-10002781.SCA
|-- BPCRM5001_0-10005558.SCA
|-- CAF14_0-10003464.SCA
|-- CAFUM14_0-10003472.SCA
|-- CORETOOLS14_0-10003456.SCA
|-- JLOGVIEW14_0-10003465.SCA
|-- JSPM14P_2-10003470.SCA
|-- KMKWJIKS14_0-10003021.SCA
|-- KU60001.SAR
|-- LMTOOLS14P_1-10003486.SCA
|-- Linux_64
|   |-- SAPEXEDB_133-20001347.SAR
|   |-- SAPEXE_133-20001346.SAR
|   `-- igsexe_13-20001389.sar
|-- SAPBUILDT14_0-10003479.SCA
|-- SAPCRMAPP01P_5-10005562.SCA
|-- SAPCRMDIC11_0-10002941.SCA
|-- SAPCRMJAV01P_5-10005563.SCA
|-- SAPCRMWEB01P_5-10005564.SCA
|-- SAPGRPWCN14_0-10002067.ZIP
|-- SAPIPCMSA01P_5-10003870.SCA
|-- SAPJEE14_0-10003469.SCA
|-- SAPJEECOR14_0-10003466.SCA
|-- SAPJTECHF14_0-10003468.SCA
|-- SAPJTECHS14_0-10003467.SCA
|-- SAPSHRAPP01P_5-10005559.SCA
|-- SAPSHRJAV01P_5-10005560.SCA
|-- SAPSHRWEB01P_5-10005561.SCA
|-- SDMKIT14_0-10003463.JAR
`-- UMEADMIN14_0-10003471.SCA


Do all JSPM stuffs as sidadm.

copy all the patch files (SAR,JAR etc ...)

I had to create those folders manually as root and then chown them to sidadm

mkdirhier /usr/sap/trans/EPS/in
cp  /sapcd/PATCHES_SP\'s/2007/SP01/* /usr/sap/trans/EPS/in

#also we need to copy the linux specific stuffs (kernel)
cp /sapcd/PATCHES_SP\'s/2007/SP01/Linux_64/*  /usr/sap/trans/EPS/in

chown -R sidadm /usr/sap/trans/

start (as sidadm)go in /usr/sap/SID/JC01/j2ee/JSPM/ (takes a while for the gui to comeup)

Enter the password to login the JSPM
do "single packages" and choose all the packages, click next

"go" in /usr/sap/SID/JC00/j2ee/JSPM/

Enter the password to login the SDM

Ans it will continue the upgrade with all the other packages ~1 hour.


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