I created a project called Stylus2X on sourceforge

The aim of this project is to provide some applications with built-in keyboard support (virtual onscreen keyboard).

Project Goals

Virtual Keyboards

This is an onscreen keyboard you can use the stylus on to simulate keystrokes, i provide to versions:
  • one compact using little screen real-estate, to be used with the stylus.
  • one much larger, that you can easily use with your fingers.

Built-in Apps

  • A shell (bash) - 90% done
  • A music player - TBD
  • An application launcher - TBD
  • A GP2X monitor (battery, CPU) - TBD


  • First you will need to download python/pygame for GP2X,0,0,0,14,917
Simply open that archive and extract it to the root of your SD card (so thatthe "python" folder is at the root of the SD)




A big thanks to those opensource/GPL apps i made good use of in this project:
  • Python/Pygame for GP2X (for whoever ported it)

  • The Pexpect package, making the python process management much easier, as well as providing ANSI screen support for python.

* Mutagen, which allows easy but powerful access to music metadata in python.


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