Static vs Dynamic Languages

Or Ruby/ROR vs Java (kinda)

I don???t mean that a dynamic language is not good, in fact I love how time saving it is, and i don???t have too much issues with the fact that typo will only be found during "test" because i???m used to always test my code before putting in production anyhow.

The problem I have with Languages like Perl or Ruby, is that a developer can write the same thing 50 different ways (syntax), you could think it???s a freedom for the developer, but when you work on large projects with other developers or try to read somebody esle project, i think it???s plain bad.

Other developers might write in a different ???syntaxic style??? than you do, and it make it hard to read/edit for you, which is likely to lead to misunderstanding and bugs.

In java for example, it???s almost always easy to read somebody else code, because of the strong syntax enforcing and typing in general.

So i would not mind a language like Ruby but that does ???dictate??? the syntax, such a laguage probably exists, i guess i should look at Caml, Smalltalk or maybe Python, but in any case this is the main thing i don???t like about Ruby.

Regardless of this I have started using ruby on a new website I built, just to learn and be able to verify if i keep the same opinion overtime, and YES it definitely took much less time it would have with plain Java.

Now, i need to experimant with java & TRAIL, SAILS or Tapestry and see how that compares.


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