San Jose Sharks: Herre we go again

Once again, the sharks manage to give a gazillion momentum to their opponents at the worst possible time !

I'm a sharks fan and I'm totally getting tired of this postseason crap.

What is up with Ron Wilson, he is a good coach and tries to protect his players, but guess what, now it's time to kick them in the ass not to protect them anymore.

I wish he pulled a Tortarella last night, show some emotion damn it, your job is on the line in case you don't know !
He never even used his timeout after Calgary scored 2 goals !

Also Joe Thorton needs a kick in the ass, if i was Wilson i would bench him for a full period, get some reaction, he ain't doing anything anyway.

Big kudos to Marleau, after being freight-trained he stood back up and send a message calgary would get nowhere with this, but it's the other players, the ones who didn't get hit, who got scared ... this is just so lame.

Almost anybody besides Pavelski, Marleau and Clowe need to wake up.
Where are Thorton, Michalek, Cheechoo, Campbell ??

I sure hope they get a good kick in the ass for once and show up in the next game, because if they don't the practical joke with the toilet seat ain't gonna be that fun is it ?

For the record, in the last 3 years the sharks always get beat by the same thing:
Timely, Ugly, Lucky goals, Edmonton did it, Calgary did it, Detroit did it ... i use to think they are just unlucky, but at this time it can't be just luck anymore ... you create your own break like they say .... maybe the sharks should try to score those lucky. ugly goals too, instead of stupidly cycling the puck aimlessly for 30 mn.

Also i noticed the team that play the "crash and bang" style always do better in the playoffs than the cycling/pretty play teams... most goals in the playoffs team to be ugly, gritty goals, not super pretty style.

With Calgary you can see what will happen every time, the sharks cycle in Calgary zone for 45 seconds, get tired, then turn it over, Calgary then crashes th net, often 2 on one and score an ugly goal.

Anyway as far as i'm concerned, as a shark fan, if they don't respond NOW, i think it's time for a new coach, a mean one that make the player sweat and yell at them, because at this point i think it's the only other thing this team could possibly need.


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