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Useful SAP transactions

Notes:                        OSS1
Catalog View:                 WWM3
Catalog Edit:                 WWM2
View / Edit Code:             SE37
View / Run reports            SE38
Logged users:                 SM50 SM51
Active RFC's:                 SM04 SM59
Last logins:                  ZCLST
Sales orders:                 VA05
Users edit/lock:              SU01 SU05
Search data,tabl.:            SE11 SE16
Edit tables:                  SM30
IPC RFC/Java mapping:         SM53
Pricing Campaigns:            CRM_MKTPL
Email queues (flush)          SCOT
Check TREX                    SRSE            (see scrrenshot1)
Run ABAP Trace (+ SQL etc...) ST05
Look at RFC traces            ST11
Logs                          SM21
TRexadmin                     TREXADMIN

Click here for a FULL transaction code list (on CRM5.0)

Finding product GUID from product ID

Go to SE16, enter table Name: COMM_PRODUCT
Click the "Table Content" icon.
Enter the product ID (ie: 39432) in the product ID field and execute the query.
Results will include the product GUId (ie: 3FA1109CA2F96954E1000000C7F9D707)

Screenshot1 : SRSE



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