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As of April 2011, I took a new job and no longer using SAP.

SAP Tips

At work I'm the senior E-Commerce architect (a.k.a The Java guy).
We use an SAP platform, when I started here that was new to me so I had a lot to learn, quite a stretch from the open source world.

I mostly work on our custom B2C/B2B implementations on top of SAP Netweaver(SAP Internet Sales) with a CRM backend.
That is mostly Java, although we also incorporated OSS technologies in our implementations, such as using Sitemesh, Subversion and Hudson.

Here are some of our implementations (Heavenly customized): (B2C) (B2C) (B2B) (B2B international / China - older impl.)

It seems there are not a lot of documentation/blogging going on about this .. I guess because it's secretly guarded by highly paid consultants, anyway that is not how I roll, I find documenting what I find being help to myself later, once I've forgotten, and why not help others while at it ?

Generic Tips

Our new SAP ISA Developer Environment setup

SAP ISA on Tomcat

Researching a Memory Leak in Java on SAP ISA

Debugging / Tracing / Profiling Java (&ABAP) with CRM ISA 5.0 & 2007

Profiling SAP ISA J2EE WEBAS using Eclipse Memory Analyzer MAT_

Fixing ISA password problems

How to approve packages for download in solution manager

Other generic SAP tips

2007 / 7.0

Upgrading an ISA server from 2004s SR2 to 2007.

Also includes patching to SPxx.

  • Upgrade of code base to 2007 from 2004s.
Basically it's the same process has here : isa_no_nwdi_upgrading_code_base_to_sr2 except we used the 2007 SP3 packages.


  • Post-Install setting & performance enhancements needed for a live production site (CRM / B2B / B2C / TREX)
SAP CRM5.0 / ISA / TREX Performance settings

  • Upgrading our CRM5.0(2004s) without NWDI to 2004s SR2
ISA no NWDI upgrading code base to SR2
ISA 2004s server - upgrading to SR2(sp13)

  • ISA Developer setup on Ubuntu (7.0/2004s SR2)
ISA 7.0/2004s on Ubuntu

  • Updating / creating J2EE engine SSL keys

  • Image Server Setup
Image Server Setup

  • CRM05 B2C (2004s) without NWDI
B2C no nwdi

  • CRM05 B2C customization
B2C Customization and debugging

  • Installation of Netweaver Developer Workplace on windows XP (2004s)
Workspace 2004s (AKA workplace smile )

  • Installation of JDI/NWDI 2004s (7.0) with SLD on suse 9.
JDI 2004S

  • Installation of a B2C server (ISA) 2004s on Suse linux 64.
ISA 2004s


  • Instalation of a B2B site using WAS6.40, IPC3 and isales 3.1
B2B 6.40


  • Remote X from windows (for installing SAP on remote linux)

  • Opening A connection to the remote access machine for SAP
Sap Remote Access

  • Useful transactions (to me anyway)
Sap transactions


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