SAP ISA on tomcat

Under construction - Incomplete (This works but instructions are not yet complete)


  • Tomcat is very small & lightweight (will run on almost any hardware)
  • Tomcat can run on almost any OS
  • It is possible to do JSP debugging and stepping ! Since B2B/B2C JSP's are full of logic code this is super useful.
  • It is possible to do code hot-swapping during debug !
  • Better error reporting than NetWeaver
  • ISA is Java so it should be able to run on any J2EE
  • Tomcat IDE integration is great (regardless of IDE), allowing single click deploy/run/debug/profile.

The amount of time saved having the JSP debugger and enhanced logging is HUGE, great productivity boost.

Making ISA run on Tomcat

That's the hard part, I had lots of Help from the Fine folks at SISU software.

I had done some of the work already, but they put it all together, in their case using jetty and provided me very detailed infos and help.

Here are the main challenges:
  • Figuring out and retrieving the needed library dependencies (compile and runtime)
  • Patching a couple of SAP issues and having the classloader use those first
  • All this is done WITHOUT modifying the "standard" b2b/b2c projects, we want to make sure those stay "vanilla" (although there are local patches that only get deployed to tomcat)
  • Dealing with the XCM (using Files rather than a Database, simpler and easier to manage on multiple machines)
  • I also added optional Support for a database to support java basket (H2 database and MySQl implemented)


You need JCO(SAP java connector) installed and accessible on the system.

Before installing JCO on linux, you need libstdc++5 (very old) installed

sudo dpkg -i libstdc++5_3.3.6-18_amd64.deb

Install jco 2.x (NOT 3.x !)
Download the proper JCO for your OS from

Extract it and copy the jco libraries into the system libaries folder:
sudo cp *.so /usr/lib

Tools Needed

  • Fantom (optional but needed to run some of my helper tools)
See Fantom - Quick Install fot instructions.
  • JD-GUI (might be needed to decompile some classes)
  • Retrieve my sap_tomcat project from bitbucket (helpers)
  • An unzipping utility. On Linux file-roller works well. 7Zip is another good option.

hg clone

Customized Tomcat to run SAP B2B/B2C

I picked Tomcat because it's lightweight and has the best IDE support yet provides lots of J2EE engine features.

I've made a custom/patched version of tomcat patched and configured to run our b2c/b2b projects

Here is How I customized/patched Tomcat 6:
See: Tomcat customizations to run SAP B2c/B2B apps

B2B / B2C projects Customization

See here:
SAP B2C / B2B projects customization to run on Tomcat

Database support (Optional, needed when using Java Basket)

See here:
Support SAP B2B/B2C Java basket Database in Tomcat

IDE Config

This is for Netbeans, but you can do similar things in other IDE's

  • Give enough memory to the IDE:
edit in netbeans folder /conf/netbeans.conf
add -j-Xmx1000m to the netbeans_default_options line

  • Netbean config: (setup the IDE to use our custom tomcat, similar idea for other IDE's)
Start Netbeans, Go to tools/server
- Choose "add server": type -> "tomcat 6"
- Server location: Give the path to the customized sap_tomcat-6.0.20 folder
- Username/Password: admin/admin (match whatever was set in tomcat-users.xml)
- In platform tab set VM options such as-Xmx912m -XX:MaxPermSize=250m
- Click "Finish"

Now we can choose this server as the run/deploy/debug target for our B2B/B2C projects.

Errors left

Some errors will be logged but can be ignored.

  • Naming/JNDI error (no provided impl.)
  • JMX errors (no provided impl.)
  • Some connections errors (it fails first-with no password- but then retries with password fine)
Can ignore(it does that no matter what): WARN [] - Error occcurred in EAI layer "Cannot connect to backend system. user missing. parameters: [client]='null' [user]='null' [language]='null' [ashost]='null' [systemnumber]='null' [mshost]='null' [gwhost]='null' [gwserv]='null' [group]='null' [systemid]='null' 
Properties: {client=100, sysnr=01, ashost=somehost, lang=en, codepage=1100}


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