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This is ONLY A PART of the SAP ISA on Tomcat doc.

SAP B2C / B2B projects customization to run on Tomcat

Create the new B2C/B2B projects

  • In your IDE of choice, create a new "java web(J2EE)" project

For example in Netbeans: File/new project/java web/Web Application
Name: For example "b2c_mine"

Context: "/b2c_mine"
Web pages folder: "webcontent"
Web-INF folder : "webcontent/WEB-INF/"
Source Format: "Java 1.4"
Run options - java "-Xmx800m"
You can select "Deploy on Save"
Target server: Choose the custom tomcat previously built
Target J2EE version: "J2EE 1.4"

  • Create a folder called "local_web_patches" in the web project root (ex: /home/me/NetBeansProjects/b2c_mine/local_web_patches), this will contain all the customized items for local deployment only (not to be deployed on a SAP engne).

Copy the vanilla sources

Locate the SAPSHRAPP*.sca file.
This is typically found on the "Java componnents" DVD.

Open the file witha zip utility, ex: file-roller SAPSHRAPP02_0-10005559.SCA


Browse to(unzip) crm~b2c.sda (B2C) OR crm~b2b.sda (B2B)
Extract the content of src.zip somewhere of your choice: Those are the java sources for B2B/B2C and might be useful later for reference/debugging.

Unzip all the content of the war file (ex: sap.com~crm~isa~web~b2c.war) into your new project webcontent folder (b2c_mine/webcontent/)

extract META_INF (and how to modify it)
Unzip the content of the META-INF folder (in crm~b2c.sda) into your new project webcontent/META-INF/ folder (b2c_mine/webcontent/META-INF/)

customize build file

The value for the useBean class attribute com.sap.isa.businessobject.marketing.MktQuestionary is invalid.org.apache.jasper.JasperException: /b2c/pcf/newregister.jsp(244,4) The value for the useBean class attribute com.sap.isa.businessobject.marketing.MktQuestionary is invalid
-> http://www.manning-sandbox.com/thread.jspa?forumID=35&threadID=10121&messageID=29899#29899
-> http://www.mularien.com/blog/2008/02/19/tutorial-how-to-set-up-tomcat-6-to-work-with-jstl-12/
for use-bean tahs replace "class=" by "type=" in all jsp's (works on sap engine as well)

web.xml -> env-entry for sys.global.dir


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