Rivet & Sway

In April 2013 I joined Rivet & Sway, a cool young startup trying to disrupt the eye-ware market monopoly.


- Why a startup again ?
- Why Rivet & Sway ?

What Am I working on

I am going to blog into much more details about all this soon, once I find the time.

Here are some things I had to work on so far:
  • Researching, specifying and implementing a new platform (Replace Drupal with Go)
  • Mobile optimization.
  • New Point Of Sale(in store) E-commerce solution, developed very quickly with Go + Revel & Zurb Fundation4.
  • Lightweight reporting & Analytics server leveraging Go and Morris.js
  • Implemented a new Style finder service based on Go/Martini with a bit of big data / learning thrown in leveraging MySql and the InfluxDb time series database.
  • Researched alternatives to using Dropbox in the company setting
  • Operational enhancements: As our order volume is growing rapidly it became important to optimize operations (Order processing, Shipping, EDI, inventory).


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