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Remote X From Winblows


  • installing cygwin
Run the cygwin installer (setup.exe)
Make sure to install the following packages:
install X/xorg-x11-xwin
install net/openssh
install editors/vim

Running in multiwindow mode make sapinst not refresh right, so we will run windowmaker instead
edit /usr/X11r6/bin/startx
in defaultserverargs remove -multiwindow
run wmaker.inst to get windowmaker ready

USAGE -old way

  • Getting the X server started and linux connecting to it
start cygwin shell.

-> new xterm starts, go into it
xhost + #(to allow remote connection)
ssh -l root

-> connects to b2ctst
export DISPLAY= #(our local machine ip, where we run cygwin/X)

You can now start any X command (ie: sterm, xload, sapinst ... etc ...)

USAGE - new way

ssh -X is safer that using Xhost + (and the xhost+ is disabled by default in some newer Xserver versions/distros)
So we can use for example:

ssh fileserver -l toto -X

Or to run right away some commands for example:
ssh fileserver -l root -X 'cd /tmp; sudo ls'


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