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PT40 MK2 Trainer (glow)


May 2000: about 400$ full RTF with 4 channel radio and all.

I still have this plane, i just don't use it, as i like to fligh electric at home, rather than driving to the overcrowded club.
Otherwise it seems like a good trainer if you have an instructor available

Easy to build:A Easy to fly:B+ Strength:B Easy fix:C Speed/Fun:B Payload:B
Overall:B Current shape: A: on the shelves ...

Pico Stick


Nov 2000: about 40$.

This is the first electric plane i got, i wanted something easy to fly in a small park and had been recommanded a slow stick, and bought this pico stick instead (not knowing the difference)
The Pico Stick is an ok plane, but it's really not good for learning outdoors, it's can't handle any wind at all and it is fragile though easy to fix.

Easy to build:B+ Easy to fly:C+ Strength:E Easy fix:B+ Speed/Fun:D Payload:D
Overall:D Current shape: F: Trashed



April 2001: about 100$.

I got a wingo, and that was a very good plane to learn with, it is quite powerful and very stable and can handle some wind. Also it's easy to fix with glue, and strong enough to still fly with one pound of glue on it, a very good plane to learn with, even though the slowstick is even better.
It's quite pricey though

Easy to build:B Easy to fly:B+ Strength:B Easy fix:B Speed/Fun:C Payload:B
Overall:B Current shape: F: Dead



Oct 2001: about 75$.

After "mastering" the wingo, i figured i'll try something better, well that was too much of a leap, i mounted the mixer backward and on first take off, i crashed it nose down in grass, the nose broke off, and it being some crappy eps foam i could not even glue it back straight and that was it frown and it was pricey too. definitely not a beginner plane !

Easy to build:A Easy to fly:F Strength:E Easy fix:F Speed/Fun:A? Payload:E
Overall:F Current shape: F: Dead on first fly frown

House of Balsa J3 CUB kit


Jan 2002: about 30$.

It's a NRF (not ready to fly smile , anyway a kit where you ahve to do it all
I really loved putting it together and covering it and all, and best of all it flew.
The way i set it up though it's way underpowered and not fun to fly, i kept it though, and might try something better for the motor, they recommand an spedd400 or astro 10, i use the 400, obvioulsy the astro10 should help a lot, but it's pricey.

Easy to build:E Easy to fly:C+ Strength:B Easy fix:C+ Speed/Fun:B Payload:C
Overall:B Current shape: B: need minor fixing

Fokker Eindecker


Sept 2002: about 50$.

That plane is pretty decent, once you master a beginner model like the wingo, i found it a little to fragile though, i fly in a field and landing would usually break the wheel base or the front (motor mont/prop). So a little too fragile.

Easy to build:B Easy to fly:C Strength:E Easy fix:D Speed/Fun:B Payload:D
Overall:D Current shape: D: Need major repairs

GWS Slow Stick


Dec 2003 & May 2004: about 35$ each with the motor.

Man this should have beeen the first plane i bought, this is the real beginer plane, it's very slow, very stable and can handle a huge load (of glue or whatever), and if you need a replacement part, you get a whole one with motor and all for 30$, so just buy 2, one for parts.

It is very sturdy though though so you should be ok
There are 2 modifs i would recommand though to make it more durable: 1) replace the dehydral "bent tubes" that come with the kit by brass tubing, the stock ones are not very strong, and i did get them snap in half while doing a dive at 60 feet high, amazing enough everyhting survived except the prop.

which leads me to modif 2: use a prop saver (see ezonemag forums) or you will have to buy 20 props a month if you are a beginner.
I mastered this plane and even use it to make Aerial Photography and cool crash 70 feet high in a ponderosa pine movie frown

Easy to build:A Easy to fly:A+ Strength:B+ Easy fix:A Speed/Fun:C Payload:A
Overall: A Current shape: A+: Flying, first one used for parts smile


Mad Max


July 2004: 65$ or so.

Then i started finding the slowstick a litle boring, so i went to the LHS and asked if there was such thing as a slow 4 channel plane i could learn aileron on, and he said there was no such thing ??

Anyway i went home with a Mad max, well i flew the thing once and it seemed fun and all, but that thing flys way fast and in my yard surrounded by big pine trees i decided to put it back on the shelf for now, before it gets eaten

Easy to build:B Easy to fly:E Strength:B Easy fix:C Speed/Fun:A Payload:E
Overall:? Current shape: A+: Flying



Nov 2004: 55$ for the wing alone, or 140 for full kit (all but receiver and 2 servos).

Since the Mad Max is too much for now, i was looking for something sturdy and good for learning.

I ordered the Unicorn which is a full EPP wing, with all the electronics mounted inside the foam, all in all very hard to break this.

There where about 12H of work to put this kit together but it was quite fun and completed in just 2 days

Easy to build:C Easy to fly:A Strength:A+ Easy fix:A Speed/Fun:A Payload:C
Overall:A+ Current shape: A+: Flying


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