Programming Languages

  • Java
This is my language of choice, I have been using it since it's very early stage (98) for preofessional work. Bothe as the main developer of the Application ViewletBuilder (aka Leelou) and for server projects such as

I Used evrey version from 1.0 to 1.5 (5.0), and i like this language very much, my favorite thing being how "clean" is the Syntax. It is very easy to read wether it is your code or someone else.
Of course i also like the fact that it's platform independant (in most cases) and has tons of libraries available nowadays.

What I don't like is that it became bloated, and uses XML waaaaaaay too much, and i don't like XML much see next blog entry

Web application development now seems bloated when compared to things like Ruby on Rails, however I'm not quite a fan of Ruby either (yet), so i will experiment with java frameworks such as TRAIL or SAILS for now.

  • C/C++
Those are good languages of course, but i don't like the syntax of them, it easily becomes are to read.
Sure it's faster than java , but i rearely need speed that bad, and if i do ther is always plain assembly smile

  • Assembly
Well, i haven't use this much lately, but if i want to do low level fast stuffs, this would still be the language of choice.

  • JSP / PHP /ASP
Server Pages, i just plain don't like, it leads you to mix code with design and is neither good for the developer nor the designer.
I always prefer using MVC/templating system insead such as Servlet+Velocity or Tapestry for example.

  • Perl
Well perl is ... like the best language ever to write a one line of code powefull script.....
... but the worst language ever to try to make sense of that line 6 month later smile

  • Ruby
Well, as I said I was impressed by Ruby on Rails, but I have mixed feelings about Ruby itself, it's a nice, powerfull and terse language, but i find the syntax too "loose", resulting in code that can look very different from one person to another. Personally i don't like this.
I'm now using it for one of my sites (ROR) but so far i haven't felt comfortable with the syntax, though i've been impressed by how short and powerful the code can be.

  • Other
I've tried other languages here and there, but they didn't impress me much apparently, cause i can't think of them right now smile


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