Patching MaxDB

This is a MINOR patch (Here from from to

this is for a minor patch only, for going up a major revision it is different
MaxDB upgrade/paching Doc here:

We Downloaded newer maxdb DVD from sap marketplace ( DVD:51032296_4 (MaxDB RDBMS 7.6.00 Build 35 - Linux on IA32 32bit) to our machine.

cd /media/sap/sapcd/Others/maxdb/maxdb7.6.00.35/51032296_4_RDBMS_MAXDB_7.6.00_Build_35_Linux32/MAXDB_LINUX_I386/

do you want to continue -> yes
Provide the DB name (ex: control)
Provide the DB user name (Ex: control)

Then upgrade will proceed.

MaxDB / SAPDB control/DBM users passwords where lost/changed, Resetting it

At first i could not complete this, because the "control" user password was not "control" anymore and no matter what i tried (admin password, old password, install password) it would not take them.
So i had to reset the control password, here is how i did that.

I had some prompt and useful help from SDN (Thanks to Markus D?r)

The magic thing was to use "c_J2EE"

  • Log as <SIDadm>
# replace <SID> with your system SID of course
sudo su - <SID>adm
cd /sapdb/programs/bin/

  • Using c_J2EE to reset "control" password:
./dbmcli -U c_J2EE
dbmcli on frenchie : ZTB>user_put control password=control
dbmcli on frenchie : ZTB>quit

  • We need to update the .XUSER62 file with the update password, using the xuser tool
./xuser set -U <SID>adm ?d ZTB ?u control,control

  • Checking we can login now:
./dbmcli -d ZTB -u control,control
dbmcli on ZTB>
# Yeah, we are in !

Otherwise you would have got:
./dbmcli -d ZTB -u control,dsffsdfdsf
Error! Connection failed to node (local) for database ZTB:
-24950,ERR_USRFAIL: User authorization failed

* Restart SAP after that (stopsap, startsap)


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