NHL predictions 06/07 (10/02/2006)

Means i'm sure the team will make the playoffs and is a very serious Cup contender.
Means the team will make the playoffs and as a shot at the cup.
Means the team won't make the playoffs.


The East is loosing ground to the West this year.
The northeast might be fun to watch this year, but that's about it.
I'll be watching the West.


The division as a whole should be much tighter than last year, though it seem Ottawa and Buffalo are guaranteed the 2 top spots, i think Boston, Toronto and Montreal will be quite evn this year.

Ottawa lost Chara, nevertheless i still think they should be the best team in this division.

Buffalo will still be good, but i think they lost too much grit (they already had not much), to keep up with Ottawa.

Toronto: I dislike Toronto, but i think they made good moves (improved in all positions), might be enough to get in the playoffs.

Boston: I like what Boston did, i expect them to fight for a playoff spot this time, but they lack a good goalie to go any further.

Montreal did nothing to improve their team, and last year they only made the playoffs because of Huet, i don't think they will this year.


None of those team impess me much. Philadelphia as a good roster, but i think they will continue to underperform, especially with Esche in the net.
I think the rangers will still be competitive and make the playoffs but not a powerhouse either.

Same as last year, underproductive offense and bad defense/goalie, like last year they are good on paper and probably will win the division, but once again they won't go far in the playoffs.

New jersey:
Well it will depend what happens with their salary cap issues, they are still a good team but somehow i don't see them going far in the playoffs.

New York Ranger: If both Jagr and Lunqvist play as well as last year, they should do about the same, i like the addition of shannahan. They almost could challenge for the cup, yet i don't feel like marking them smile

Pittsburg: Malkin when i saw him play seem as good as Ovechkin, so i think pittsburg could finally get back in shape, yet they just seem plagued to fail once again somehow ...

New York islanders:
This team is a freaking joke !


Well this division as a whole got much worst than last year in my opinion. So the best teams shoudl be able to get lots of points in interconference play, yet i don't see any of those teams as a SERIOUS stanley cup contender (though i like Denis in Tampa).

Tampa Bay:
I think picking Denis was a smart move and that should get the bolts back to potential Cup contenders, plus they could rack-up points in this weak division.

I think Carolina is gonna drop-off from last year and won't repeat. but they could rack-up points in this weak division.

Atlanta: I think atlanta will be same as last year, fighting for a playoff spot, and barely failing.

Some think they improved, but i dunno, all they had was a good goalie, instead they got bertuzzi, and i don't see him coming back to what he used to be.

Well even if Ovechkin scores 200 goals they should finish between 26th and 30th, they just don't have enough depth.


This year, the west will be the division to watch, i cannot find a team i could write off the playofs for sure, all of last year worst teams (st louis, columbus, chicago, minnesota, LA) GREATLY improved, but then so did most of the good teams.
I expect that this year you might need close to a 100 points to make the playoffs in the west. and possibly just about 85 in the East.


The Northwest division was a fun. good, tight division last year, and it will be even much more so this year.
I honestly think any team could finish at any position within this division.

Calgary was good last season without scoring many goals,now they added friesen and tanguay, so on paper they are scary. They should be a serious cup contender.

Well last year they where good, but then half the team changed ... i like the addition of sykora and Lupul, but they lost too many other key players, remember they barely made the playoffs last year, and my guess is that it will be the same this year.

Vancouver: It's a tough one, they now lack depth most everywhere, yet they still have talent. I think the addition of Luongo will put them in the playoffs, then their lack of depth will be a problem.

Colorado: Colorado lost many key players (hinote, blake, tanguay) and did not add anybody, i don't belive in Theodore all that much. The west is so tough now i think they actually could miss the playoffs.

Everybody is talking abouth how improved is Minnesota, that is true, yet i think they are in a too tough division to get to the playoffs.


This division, use to be Detroit and a bunch of "not so good" teams, which is why Detroit often ends up with 120 points.
This season i think it will be much much tighter.

Nashville will probably compete with Ottawa ans San jose for most goal scored. They are a fast scary team with a great goalie, this is their year to shine ! they will win the divisin and probably have a good playoff run.

The division got much tougher, so it will be harder. Yet if Hasek is healthy they could go very far. If he is not, i expect them to still make the playoff but not much more than that.

St Louis:
I think it's the most improved team this season. I believer they have a serious shot at getting back in the playoffs. But just as chicago they will probably fall short.

Chicago as been impressive in pre-season. i expect them to fight for as playoff spot this year, but probably not get one yet. But they definitely took a step up.

Well they have improved, but there goaltanding is going to kill them.


Whoo ! this one is gonna be good too, just like the northwest.
Dallas in my opinion is probably a bit down from last year, L.A is greatly improved.
Anaheim and San Jose which where both impressive already got better !
I am not sold on Phoenix however. Sure Jovanovsky is a good addition, but i don't buy Nowlan. So i don't think they kept up with the other teams.

San Jose:
Well this is my team, and i'm really excited this year, they where already great and got better. I like that both Toskala and Nabokov are still there, this plus the added grit should be the key to the Cup.

Anaheim is a lot like the sharks, good that got better. they also have 2 good goalies. They have the best D in the NHL, but they lost a bit too much offense to beat the sharks (i hope) smile

Dallas is always pretty good but i don't think Lindros+Halpern for Guerin+Arnott is an improvment at all. I doubt they will win the division this year.

Los Angeles: L.A is also greatly improved and could get back in the playoffs, but then it's a tough division and they lack a great goalie.

I don't think Phoenix is improved all that much from a last year (except for Jovanovsky) and that won't cut it in this Division.


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