Setting up the NWDI

Creating the common code track

First we created a "common java code" track
track id: PCFSHRD
name & description: PCF Shared code
DTR url:
CBS url:

add SHRWEB and SHRAPP(exclude from deployment) to the software dependencies.

go into runtime systems, and add a dev system:
sdm port:50118 user:administrator   password

then press "save" to save this track

Creating a B2C site track

Description: PCF B2c Sealy
DTR url:
CBS url:

Add software components: shrweb (5), shrapp(source, exclude from deployment), custcrmprj
Define a dev runtime system

save the track

Adding the trcak connection

then go to track connection.
source: PCF shared
target: B@CSealy
type: transport
Select "transport developed components".


Importing data in the tracks

go to transport studio:

For EACH track
select all, check-in and then select all / import into dev and consolidation.

Dev studio

in dev studio.
in DC view, right click "local development" and click "import configuration"
import both PCFSHARED_D and B2CSEaly_dev

in the "inactive DC's" view, right click on PCFSHARESD/shrweb/crm/home/shr/ext and choose create project.
right click on B2CSealy/shrweb/crm/isa/web/b2c and choose create project.

right click on B2CSealy/CUSTCRMPRJ and choose "create new DC"
change the vendor to your company (ie:
choose a name (b2c/sealy)
select the type j2ee / enterprise application, create a new activity if requested and complete the component creation.

right click on B2CSealy/shrapp/crm/b2c and choose create project.

copy application-j2ee-engine.xml,data-source-aliases.xml,log-configuration.xml,monitor-configuration.xml and monitor-configuration.dtd
from crm/b2c/META-INF into our own project b2c/sealy/META-INF

Then in the "J2ee DC explorer" view, right click our project (b2c/sealy) and choose "add module" and select crm~isa~web~b2c from the B2CSealy track

Then open the application.xml of our project (b2c/sealy) and change contect_root to something simple (ie: b2c_sealy)

in the j2ee DC explorer, open our project (b2c/sealy) and right click on METADATA/DC definition/USED DC's and select "add used DC"
and choose SHRWEB/crm/home/shr/ext/DC metadata/public part/assembly as the used DC (build time only)

in the "package explorer", create the folders src/packages inside the project PCFSHARESD/shrweb/crm/home/shr/ext (new/folder)

then in this folder add some code, ie: and put a bit of test code in there. (new/java/class)
It will ask to add the file to the DTR, say yes.

create the java file

then right click on PCFSHARESD/shrweb/crm/home/shr/ext and click development component / build

Deploy using the DTR

in the DTR. checkin and activate

What does not work

I could not add a dependency from the "b2c track" b2c project to the "shared code" track shr~ext


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