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Here I'm describing some of my open source projects.

That does not in include most of the code I write at work, which is currently mostly in Go @ Rivet&Sway and some PHP only when i'm coerced by force into it :)

In the past most of my work code was mostly in Fantom and many many iterations of Java. From Applets and AWT from 1997 all the way to gigantic J2EE projects more recently.

Current Software

I write in several languages, "best tool for the job" is really my school of thought.
However my languages of choice are currently GO or Fantom.
In the more distant past I mostly used Java and sometimes Python.

Go libraries

  • - Implemented "Generic" List/Map collections in Go with nice list comprehension features(.each and such). I'm not using it much, was more of an exercise.

I've been writing a ton of go code at work, basically rewriting everything we use to do in Drupal as well as a lot of operation and analytics type tools but most of that stuff is not open source, however i did open source some bits such as:

Fantom Presentation
Slides and examples for the talk(s) I've given about the Fantom language.

RaspberryTart (Python)

A small Pandora music server & interface I hacked up in a few hours and threw on a raspberry Pi at Rivet&Sway
We use it to play the office music and it's also hooked to a TV to show various live metrics (separate project).

Camembert Code editor (Fantom)

Camembert lightweight IDE is a Free, Open source, lightweight Editor, written in Fantom. It's multi-platform and can run on many platforms (Linux, Max, Windows...)
It support multiple project types such as Go, Fantom, Maven, Python, Ruby, Nodejs, Axon and is a useful all around lightweight editor / IDE.

FantoRepo (Fantom)
This s the central repository for Fantom projects (Sorta the NPM of Fantom).

Code here :

Fantomato Wiki Engine (Fantom)

Fantomato is a wiki/site/blog engine written in Fantom.
It has many features including rendering pages in Markdown, Dokuwiki or HTML syntax.
The site you are currently looking at is running on it.
It is a partial port/rewrite of my previous Java blog engine called jotwiki which was implemented in java.

MameChose M.A.M.E frontend (Fantom)

MameChose is a Mame(Arcade game emulator) frontend.
It allows quick indexing / searching / launching of an arcade game collection(roms).
It is dsigned to have a simple but effective interface that is used only with a joystick and a few buttons.
The interface is also designed to scale so it can work as well on all arcade monitors(<320x260) as on latest LCD's with a high resolution.


Kid stuff
Stuff I write either with or for the kids.
Math game such as this 1998 styled beauty :) :
And other javascript experimentation and such.
Maybe a bit of Lego Mindstrom stuff as well, you get the idea.

AWS Backup (Python)
Some helper scripts I wrote to more easily manage backups EC2 instances on AWS.
Creates snapshot, copy the to a remote region and keep a specific number of backups and so on.

Fantom IDE
IDE for the Fantom language based on Netbeans (Both as a plugin and a standalone IDE based on the RCP platform)

I no longer actively maintain this but it does contain some of the most complex OSS code I've worked on.
Writing Lexer and Parsers that can recover from broken code (as it's being typed) is some pretty tricky business.
Also code completion, refactoring, and such features with a fairly complex language such as Fantom is non trivial (Inference, closures, dynamic calls and such make it complex.)

Older Software

The following projects are older and no longer actively maintained.


Berry4All / BBTether
An easy to use program for tethering(use as a modem) a blackberry under linux, written in python / WxPython.
That probably was my most popular OSS projects with thousands of monthly downloads at it's peak.
I rarely code in Pyhton and this code is a bit hacky by definition (reverse engineering) so the code is so-so in places.

SAP on Tomcat

Sap Tomcat
Sap Tomcat is a bunch of work I did to allow to run the SAP B2B and B2C java applications
on a much lighter opensource stack of Tomcat or Jetty + MySql or H2 .
The standrad SAP web server can be extremely frustrating for development as it's extremely slow to redeploy an application.
This allowed greatly enhanced developer productivity as well as used of standard tooling (IDE, debuggers, profilers and so on).


A java Framework/Toolbox with tons of functionalities.


A Wiki based on the JavaOntracks framework.
This site is was running on jotwiki.


Some software i wrote for the GP2X device: virtual touchscreen keyboard (python)


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