Projects that I have built

I really like building stuff, often it's software but once in a while I build actual things.
I'm not really the most gifted handyman but I do have some imagination.

Here are a few things (non-software) that I have built with my own hands over the years:

I Built an oldschool arcade from plywood and an old imac Mini.
Also made my own UI frontend software for it.

Large but affordable and stylish, if I say so, standing desk I built from Ikea parts.
This project became somehow very popular and I get much traffic from it.
It somehow ended-up on sites such as Ikeahackers, mentalfloss and lifehackers among others.

I did build a camping trailer from scratch, that was pretty fun and it's already traveled over 15K miles all over the American West since.



When I lived in Spokane (~2004) I built an ice rink in the shop to practice hockey on.


Some Remote control planes I wasplaying with / building.
Including one with a small camera builtin.


About the MP3 car player I built way back in 2000, when NOBODY had one yet.
It even had a feature to "say" the current song artist/title using text 2 speech (robot voice).


My Tv recorder (computer + TV), once again nothing special nowadays but not many people had one then.


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