Mike's Virgin Mobile Rant

I could rant for ever about how fucked-up your customer service is.

1. this email advisor took SEVEN days to get back to me.

2. i spent at least 2.5 hours (i stopped counting after that) on the phone with your customer service department on tuesday. it probably wouldn't have been as long if i hadn't gotten HUNG UP ON THREE FUCKING TIMES!!!! go back and listen to the calls. i was very polite and agreeable. i see a pattern with your reps... put me on hold (probably hoping that i hang up) and then if i'm still there, hang up the line. THREE TIMES it happened. i'd call customer service to complain, but they'd probably just fucking hang up on me. ONE gentleman in cancellations (only god knows why i got transferred to cancellations) was fairly helpful/informative, but i could tell he was delighted that i would need to call back since i didn't have my tracking number on hand... that was slightly annoying.
3. i mailed a check for $50 and a request for my payment history for the last 12 months on august 20th, and it was delivered to your office on august 21st, but NOBODY CAN FIND IT. first off, what a ripoff!! 50 bucks for my payment history??!! secondly, YOU LOST MY FUCKING REQUEST??!! and the "resolution" from the email advisor is to correspond with the subpoena department via u.s. mail??!?!??!?!! YEAH, mailing the subpoena department has really worked out well for me.

i totally hate your company, from the shitty customer service all the way down to the ghetto ringtones and crappy music i had to listen to while i was on hold. i tell EVERYBODY how shitty virgin mobile is. in fact, i've discouraged THREE people this week from using your service because i overheard them asking somebody about it. here in my office, it's like a joke every time i have to call customer service about something.

i know that customer service overall in the world has gone down the tubes in the last 5-10 years, but i can HONESTLY say that i have NEVER had a worse customer service experience than i have had with virgin mobile.

way to outsource, fuckheads


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