Memory leak in IsaLocation

After researching a Memory leak for a while here is the pearl I found in SAP code:

public class IsaLocation {
  private static List allocatedClasses= new ArrayList();
// ......
 public IsaLocation() {
   * <p>The method to retrieve the logging object. The name should
   * contain the packagename and classname. 
   * @param name - the name of the current location.
  public static IsaLocation getInstance(String name) {
  	    try {
			Class clazz = IsaLocation.class.getClassLoader().loadClass(name);
		} catch (ClassNotFoundException e) {
			    log.debug("Add class " + name + " failed ", e);
        return new;
// more code 

IsaLocation.getInstance() is called a gazillion times since it's the logger implementation.
Look at the getInstance method ... no sh$% it is leaking memory ... who writes this stuff ?

I told them and they fixed it now, note #1398828
The fix is to comment out ... well you know what ... doh !


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