Keurig Coffee K-Cups reviews

Brand Kind Review score
Coffee People Donut shop coffee Meh. Weak/sweet. American coffee 2
Glorian Dean Cappuccino Nice smelling cappuccino with powder milk 4
Green Mountain Caramel vanilla cream Smells good, nice morning coffee 4
Green Mountain Expresso blend Very strong and Tasty 4.5
Green Mountain Hot Cocoa Decent hot chocolate 3.5
Green Mountain Kenyan AA extraBold Good, strong not too sweet 4
Green Mountain Kona Blend-Extra bold Strong and tatsty, one of my favorites 5
Green Mountain Southern Pecan Nice flavor, but not very strong 4
Green Mountain Wild mountain blueberry Smells great, taste OK 3.5
Timothy's Columbian Extra Bold Very strong and flavorful 4.5
Timothy's Kona Blend Good coffee, somewhat sweet 4
Timothy's Nuit parisienne Strong, simple good coffee 4


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