SAP ISA2004s SP7

(Used as part of this doc ISA 2004s)


Get the SAP doc here:

See \\10dp380194/sapdocs/2004s/nw2004s_SP_stack_guide_sp07.pdf
See note: 879289 (support package guide note)
and Note: 891983 (JSPM: Central SAP Note SAP NetWeaver 2004s)
WARNING and Note: 933687 (JSPM hanging on windows with SP07)

#Got the stack here: https: (need to allow popups)
#got the nw2004s stack and add the files to the basket and use the download manager to save

them and use download manager to get them
# they are in /mnt/sapcd/patches\nw2004s_patches\sp07\jspm\

Use JSPM as explained here (or see section 2.2 of the PDF).


Do all JSPM stuffs as t2cadm.

copy all the patch files (SAR,JAR etc ...)

I had to create those folders manually as root and then chown them to t2cadm

mkdirhier /usr/sap/trans/EPS/in
cp /mnt/sapcd/2004s_patches/sp07/jspm/*  /usr/sap/trans/EPS/in

#also we need to copy the linux specific stuffs (kernel)
cp /mnt/sapcd/2004s_patches/sp07/jspm/KU_LINUX_X86_64/*  /usr/sap/trans/EPS/in

chown -R t2cadm /usr/sap/trans/

If you have deployed the B2B/B2C application (shrweb etc...) you will want to copy here the new versions of them as well, if you wish to upgrade them).
cp /mnt/sapcd/2004s_java_components/May\ 2006/* /usr/sap/trans/EPS/in/

if you are starting from SP4 or lower, see additional steps in my SP6 doc.

also recommended to copy the latest sapcar executable in there

Update the JSPM sar using the JSPM (yes indeed !)
start (as t2cadm)go in /usr/sap/T2C/JC01/j2ee/JSPM/ (takes a while for the gui to comeup)

Enter the password to login the JSPM
do "single package" and choose the JSPM patch, select it & click next

once status says "deployed" press exit to stop the JSPM (might have to kill 'go' if it does't die)

Now we can restart the JSPM to update the other components
start (as t2cadm) "go" in /usr/sap/T2C/JC00/j2ee/JSPM/

Enter the password to login the SDM
for nwdi package control choose the apropriate role.

Do "single packages" and for each "cuurently installed" package select the new (latest) version in the list and click next.

Update should complete after a while (1h).


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