Ikea standing Desk

I've now also made a large Lego table of similar style, see here

I love working standing up, it prevents you from falling asleep in your chair and is better for your posture and keeps you more alert.

I had before used a simple door and brackets to make a cheap standing desk for about 30$, that was in my "man cave".

Now that my office is going to be inside the new house, I needed something nicer looking.

I decided to make one from Ikea parts, there are many good ideas at http://www.ikeahackers.net/ , But i came up with my own thing, as far as I know.

I'm about 6'1 and that desk is the perfect height for me (~ 44"), but you could remove the "feet" to make it 4" smaller (if you are about 5'6), or use 6" or 8" feet available at Ikea instead if you are a giant ;)

Total cost: 200$ or so

Height: ~44" This is good for somebody ~6' but can be made for people 5.6', 6'2 or 6'4 easily, see bellow.

The parts:

The trick is to find parts that will give you the right heigth, at first I thought i would use some Billy bookcases(41" tall) with a table top but I didn't like the look of that.

So here is what I used:

I ended up using 2 smaller expedit bookcases rather than one large one because it was out of stock.

You can replace the bottom feet with those casters if you prefer.

You can make the desk ~5" shorter by removing the bottom feet, or 2" or 4" taller by using the longer capita legs available at Ikea.

Many have asked me about my monitor stand (pictured), I ordered that separately from amazon:
(Added a small metal plate so the tightening "screws" so it would not damage the desk) - 80 cents.

The build:

Mounted the Capita legs under the expedit bookcase (i screwed them but also applied epoxy glue for extra strength, but that's optional).
Since i used 2 smaller expedit bookcases instead of one (out of stock),I also epoxied them together.

Then I screwed and epoxied the angled captiva brackets on top:

Then the table top goes on top:

I Bolted the back 3 brackets, after drilling 3 holes in the table top. For the 3 front brackets I did NOT use the bolt assemblies of the captiva brackets, that is because 1) I did not want any bolts coming out the front part of the desk, as it's ugly and in the way 2) the 3 back bolts are plenty enough to keep it in place 3) It give a slight slant, a little lower in the front, which I find a bit more ergonomic.

Finished Product

With a monkey:

My wife using it, note that it's too tall for her :)

Now you see all the messy wires:

Now you don't:

I also bought a Lak shelf to make a monitor/speaker stand, but haven't mounted it yet as there was no more 4'' capita legs available.
I'm not sure wether i'll add it or not, I think I like it as it is.

Update: 8 months later ... all is good just more junk accumulated ;)
Also wanted to mention I typically stand about 60-70% of the time or so. Standing all day can make you a bit more tired. But I still feel I'm more effective & awake while standing.



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