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Whoo, the finals sucked ! wasn't very interesting.
As for the good news, i predicted everything right except Detroit against Calgary and again Detroit against San Jose.
Also best of all i won my hockey pool at work ! YEAH ! smile

05/23/2007: Stanley cup finals

Ducks over Ottawa in 7
I'm impressed by Ottawa, but i think in the long run the Ducks will still win as i expected from day 1. They have the better goalie and Ottawa hasn't met any physical team yet, which is always their problem.

05/10/2007: Conference Finals

Senators over Sabres in 7
I'm not sure about that one.
I think the senators will win because of their experience (loosing many times) and their slightly better defense.
In any case i think this will be fun to watch with quite a bit of scoring.
Miller could tilt the balance for the Sabres since he is potentially a bit better than Emery (who is underrated)
I'm not sure why i'm picking Ottawa but i think it's mostly because i was disappointed by the Sabres performance in the first two rounds. They won but not in style like the senators did.

Ducks over Wings in 6
Darn it the wings beat the sharks .. or rather the sharks beat themselves up frown
Graig rivet is a keeper, but Bell and Guerin where useless !
I was very disappointed with Marleau's performance, he gotta be injured or something.
Anyhow, as for The conference finals, i will pick Anaheim.
The wings have surprised me, and played well, but basically they won because of San jose's defensive mistakes. This won't happen with Anaheim defensive corps.
Talking about defensive corps, Detroit's is very depleted and that won't help them either.
Unless Hasek is spectacular and stops the turnovers i can't see the wings win this.

04/25/2007: Conference SemiFinals

Sabres over Rangers in 6
The rangers where better than expected in round1, and the sabres not as good as expected.
Yet i still see the Sabres winning this series in the end, they just have to much offense for the rangers.

Senators over Devils in 6
I still think Ottawa is gonna go to the next round, Brodeur has been good rather than exceptionnal, and Emery is very good too. I think the much deeper ottawa offense is gonna make the difference.
Plus i can't stand the devils, they are just annoying as hell, has they have been for the last 10 years.

Anaheim over Vancouver in 5
Luongo is amazing, but in the end the duck will outshoot the canucks so bad that it won't matter.
Vancouver just doesn't score enough to keepup no matter how amazing is Luongo.

San Jose over Detroit in 7
That's gonna be a tough series, but in the end i like San jose to come out on top.
They are my favorite team, they are younger and stronger and should outlast the wings.
Nabokov will have to be good though, as Detroit always get lots of shots.

All 4 teams i picked in my pool made it to the second round !!

04/06/2007: Round 1

Sabres Over Islanders in 5
I'm impressed by what the isalanders did this season, and Nolan should be the coach of the year.
However they will gte killed by the sabres for sure.
Dubie or Di Pietro might still a game (maybe) and that's about it.

Devils over Lightnings 7
I think Tampa is one of the few team that could beat the devils howevere the total lack off goaltending is gonna cost the lightnings in the end.

Rangers over Trashers in 7
I don't like either of those teams.
I think the rangers are a little better, but neither of those should make it past the second round.

Ottawa over Pittsburgh in 6
I think this is Ottawa's year to shine.
I like Emery over Fleury, and the team has much more experience.
The penguins will be the team to beat soon, but not yet.

Calgary over Detroit in 7
This one is hard to call, but i think Kipper might win it for the flames.

Anaheim over Minnesota in 6
Backstrom might still one or two, but anaheim is just to good for them.

Vancouver over Dallas in 7
This one is just to hard to call, it will be a goaltending match.
In the end i think luongo will win this matchup.

San Jose over Nashville in 6
I think even though nashville got better the sharks did as well.
I expect the same result as last year.
I think Forsberg will be a dud taking stupid penalties once again (way overrated player).

I expect one of those teams to win the cup: Anaheim, San Jose, Buffalo or Ottawa.
Those are the team i got for my playoff pool at work.

09/2006: NHL predictions 06/07

NHL predictions 06-07

05/05/06: Playoffs update

Well i did pretty good on my first round predictions.

I only got wrong detroit, though i had said "on the other hand Edmonton is a team that work so hard and emotional they could actually cause problems to the wings", so it was not a complete surprise to me.

The shocker to me was Colorado beating Dallas easy, the Stars had been playing great all season, very sturdy, somehow they just had a complete letdown in the playoffs (starting in net), unless Colorado is better than i thought ....

Second round predictions:

The second round seem tighter than ever and all those matchups seem great.

  • Anaheim over Colorado in 7
This could go either way, i prefer the ducks, but at the same time they just played 7 games against calgary and must be weared down already.

  • Ottawa over Buffalo in 7
Well that is going to be the real test for the Sabre, just how good are those guys ? on paper i prefer the Sens line-up, but buffalo is just playing well all around as a team too. This should be all offense with high scoring, i would think Ottawa D is better that the sabres and that could be the difference.
Whichever wins this one will win the East.

  • N.jersey over Carolina in 6
Carolina will definitely give a better fight than the rangers, but they where just not all that impressive against Montreal, N.J once again is on a roll and Brodeur will keep them in for one more round.

  • Sharks over Edmonton in 7
I wish the sharks would have played and beat Colorado instead.
Edmonton killed Detroit with speed and grit.
San jose has just has much speed to answer back, and i think they are stronger that detroit was(read: Healthier, younger, stronger).
Obviously Pronger was amazing against detroit, but san jose has more depth (well detroit had depth but did not show up). Also Toskala has been more reliable than Legace so far.
The scary thing with Edmonton is that usually they would be good but have problem in net, now rolloson is Hot, if he stays hot, it will be a long and hard battle.
I expect Marleau and Bernier to keep scoring while pronger watch Thorton.
I'm curious to see Pronger vs Thorton, Pronger is a mountain, but then Thorton is not lightweight either and very strong especially for a forward.

I expect all those matchup to be assome (excpet maybe carolina / N.J that will just be "very good" smile )

Playoffs update

Well how about that, i could feel it, and yes the red wings are out again, good for Edmonton.
I think Detroit is overhyped, the main reason they got a ton of points is that they played 24 games against chicago, st louis and columbus.

The Sharks also got to the second round in style, theyt did not seem to even have to work very hard.

Colorado really surprised me, i'm not sure what to expect from them next, i think mostly it's just Dallas that did not play well, but we will see.

Hopefully Anaheim can beat Calgary, they are a pest team.

So the sharks will play either Colorado or Edmonton ... I tend to think Colorado would be easier, we beat them in the 04 playoffs without Joe Thorton and Colorado still had Forsberg and Foote. I think we can beat Edmonton too, but Roloson has been very good and Edmonton is just relentless.

In any case that will be fun !

04/27/06: Playoffs update

Well here is how i'm doing so far:
Ottawa over Tampa in 6: this still sounds just about right
Carolina over Montreal in 7: This could still happen though the habs proved to me they will win the serie, mostly thanks to Huet.
N.Jersey over N.Y in 5: well close enough, but make that 4 smile
Buffalo over Philadelphia in 7: Sounds right though could be just in 6
Detroit over Edmonton in 6: Well Detroit haven't been all that great, so i now think that one might go to seven, and hope Edmonton can pull the upset.
Dallas over Colorado in 5: What the heck is happening, i saw Dallas play in the late season and they where very scary, and Turco seemed like a top 3 goalie, also they wher king of overtime.... now they just look like they are running in circles, Turco has been pretty lame and they can't win in overtime anymore. Or maybe it's just Colorado that is that good, but i don't think so. Anyway they might win a few games, but down 3-0 against the avs, won't cut it.
Calgary over Anaheim in 7: That still sounds right on.
San Jose over Nashville in 6: Sounds good as well, the Sharks should win this as the don't let Nashville shoot on Toskala.

04/20/06: Playoffs

Well the sharks made it, and in style with trophies to Thorton and Cheech

Oh yeah, also Pat Quinn got fired, good, i know he is supposely good, but i hate that guy, is old style wanna be tuff style doesn't fit the new NHL ... maybe Totonto will finally be likeable with him gone, obviously some other team will pick him up though.

Playoffs starts tomorow, here are my predictions:
  • Ottawa over Tampa in 6
I don't think Tampa has any chance to beat Ottawa, though they can win a few games.

  • Carolina over Montreal in 7
I expect this one to be tighter that most people think, especially of my compatriot Huet is in net for Montreal ... come on give him a chance he got experience in world championships, where he had to do it all by himself behind the french national team ... yeah we have one ... kinda smile

  • N.Jersey over N.York in 5
Jagr might steal one or two, but it should be easy for N.J, just take care of Jagr. Sure Lundqvist is good, but won't be the difference VS Brodeur.

  • Buffalo over Philadelphia in 7
Well i just have no idea about this one, both team can be deadly and both have been plain bad at times ... i don't like philadelphia so i hope the much more "likeable", "work-hard" Buffalo team will win in the end.

  • Detroit over Edmonton in 6
Well i don't like Detroit, but i have to say the way they play is impressive, on the other hand Edmonton is a team that work so hard and emotional they could actually cause problems to the wings. I think the wings will win in the end but i also think that is going to be a fun one to watch with fast paced games!

  • Dallas over Colorado in 5
Dallas is a team i don't like all that much either, but they are just very good with a stable proven goalie, Colorado somehow is the weakest team in the playoffs in the west in my opinion.
I'm not sure how that happened but with their goalie situation i don't think they can cause any trouble against one of the best defensive team.

  • Calgary over Anaheim in 7
This is another one that should be very close and quite fun to watch. I think Calgary might win it because of Kiprussof but then Calgary will have a very hard time scoring against Anaheim .. so i expect low scoring games with kiprussof stealing just enough games for the flames.

  • San Jose over Nashville in 6
I'm a San Jose fan and i really hope they win, however i'm surprised everybody thinks it will be a walk in the park ... the predators are a very talented and fast team and will be troublesome.
They often score lots of goals, so goalie is not so much an issue as people think.
I agree that Vokoun out is a big blow to the predators but Mason as better stats than Toskala and Nabokov so far.
I really hope Toskala starts for the sharks, the team just doesn't play well in front of Nabokov for some reason, whoever starts will need to be good, or the controversy might kill the sharks.

04/06/06 Sharks in the playoffs .. almost

Well last week i was very worried for the Sharks, after they lost too Columbus (which has been hot), and twice to Phoenix (what was that ?).

But they bounced back in style, beating Dallas, Colorado and L.A all on the road, now THAT is impressive !

They still have a challenging few games in front of them, but so do the other contenders, and they have games on hand on most of them, so I'm pretty sure they Will make it now !

I'm sure not many team are looking forward to playing them, they are a very dangerous team right now.

The only odd thing is the goalie situation, i think they should keep rolling with Toskala, but I'm curious what Nabhokov thinks about being a backup ? but hey i guess you should not complain to have a backup like him (well when he is on his game anyhow).

Go Sharks !

03/17/06 Revised hockey predictions

Let's see, here where my previsions at the beginning of the season (oct 4):
Who will win the Atlantic: Philadelphia
Who will win the Northeast: Ottawa
Who will win the Southeast: Tampa Bay
Who will win Eastern div: Philadelphia
Who will win the Central: Nashville
Who will win the Pacific: San Jose
Who will win the northwest: Vancouver
Who will win the west: San Jose
Who will win the Stanley Cup: Philadelphia.

Well for the most part i wasn't too much off, though Philadephia and Tampa have been much worst than i expected, but i don't like The flyers anyhow so i don't mind.
My beloved Sharks have been kinda sluggish and they won't win the division for sure, however i still believe they will make the playoff.

Here are my playoffs predictions:
Will make the playoffs:
East: Carolina, Ottawa, NY ?, Buffalo,Philadelphia, New Jersey, Atlanta, Tampa ... maybe Montreal will beat Tampa or New jersey for the last spot.

West: Detroit, Calgary, Dallas, Nashville, Colorado, San Jose, Anaheim, Edmonton (i don't think the kings will make it, Vancouver might beat Edmonton to it).

I sure hope the Sharks make the playoff, if they make it, i bet not many team will be happy to have to play them !


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