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How to approve packages for download in SAP solution manager

This describes how to download files that require approval from your SAP download basket, or how to waste 1 hour just to download a simple file !

When adding packages to the SAP download basket (Ex: SP stack), some might be blocked and require approval in Solution Manager, here is what to do after the packages where added to the download basket (and stuck)

  • Log into solution manager, then start "solution operation"
  • Choose a landscape/system then click "maintenance optimizer" (does NOT work with java GUI)
  • Go in change management / Maintenance optimizer
  • Either pick an existing transaction or create a new one "create new maintenance transaction"
  • If you create a new one, It will start a very slow web based process: Choose a landscape & version (ie: "crm 2007") and create a transaction as you see fit (doesn't really matter if accurate)
  • Back in the SapGui, press continue, until you hit step 3 (see screenshot)
  • Click "Confirm files in download basket"
  • It will list files that are in your download basket, click "select all" (or pick whichever files you want)
  • Click "confirm download"
  • You can now download the package(s) using the sap download manager, or through the web based "Download basket"

Now you can close this and start the SAP download manager to download all the packages.



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