Go / Golang

package main

import "fmt"

func main() {
  fmt.Printf("Hello, world.\n")

First impression

When I first looked at Go(~2010), I was not all that excited for a few reasons:

  • At a quick glance it looks a bit "archaic" and very C-ish (syntax wise)
  • Limited syntactic sugar compare to say Groovy, Python or Scala.
  • After using Fantom for years it did not seem quite as "nice" and pragmatic.
  • Pointers ? Really ? Somebody thought it was a good idea to bring that back.

In fact that made me "ignore" it for a few years until I got back to it.

Now that I have used as my primary language since June 2013 at Rivet & Sway, I can say it's one of the most
productive language I have used and one of the very best balance of productivity vs performance especially for a compiled language.

I have got a lot to say about Go, so follow those links for more details:


I think the outlook for Go is good.

  • It's starting to pick up steam lately.
  • Reminds me of Java back then : Built for enterprise & easy to learn.
  • Easy to learn and enforces good practices, encourages stable and maintainable code.
  • Open source & supported by Google.
  • Performance potential is fantastic.
  • Highly productive and built for the future : GoRoutines etc....


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