Git Notes

Notes to myself on using Git.
Started using Git at new job.

Since i wrote that, I've started using SourceTree a most excellent GIt GUI.

As of Netebans 7.0, you still can NOT switch branch ("change revision" create a separate head)

Fix in a branch and then merge into trunk

# switch to 1.8.x branch
git checkout 1.8.x   
git pull origin 1.8.x
# commit & push my change(s)
git commit -a -m "various fixes :)"
git push origin 1.8.x

# Note: if merging all, use git merge ... want to merge specific changeset here

# Now merge that changeset into trunk/master and push it:
git checkout master
# 900510fd is the changeset number
git cherry-pick 900510fd
git commit

Finding my own commits

 git log --author thibaut

Look at a changeset

git show e9689e933be08f0c7ce6699d3d35d42200efb213


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