# Git Branches Cleanup Script

Now that I work at a larger start-up with many devs I often have many active git branches.

The workflow is the common local -> push to my fork -> Pull request -> merge to master.

While I try to do housekeeping it's not uncommon for branches to be abandoned or such.

After a while I end-up with lots of "dead" branches, also branches that get merged into master also
don't get removed automatically, so anyway I made a small script to facilitate cleanup when I feel like it.

set -e

git checkout master
git fetch --prune  # this makes sure local and origin branches are in sync

# remove all already merged branches (local & remote)
git branch --merged | grep -v master | xargs -r git branch -d
git branch -r --merged | grep -v master | sed -e 's/origin\//:/' | xargs -r git push origin

# Ask about un-merged branches (so can remove them if obsolete)
branches=`git branch | grep -v master`
for b in $branches; do 
read -p "Delete $b locally and on remote ? y/N" -n 1 -r answer
if [[ $answer == "y" ]]; then
echo "Deleting $b"
git branch -D $b
set +e
git push origin :$b
set -e


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