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=====1/22/2014: French Baguette Recipe====

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9/10/2010: Mike's Virgin Mobile Rant

07/2009:Keurig coffee

Keurig coffee

05/2006: SPA delivery / STI NAVL nightmare

SPA delivery

04/06/06 Alaska /Menzies

I've lived in San Jose CA, Spokane WA, and now Seattle WA, so I've been flying on Alaska airlines a lot, it's the major airline in the northwest.

I use to love flying Alaska, they had good prices, nice employees and cool smile propeller planes that got the job done.
They also use to be reliable ... use to ...

Since last year they have been terrible, me and family have flew a bunch on it, and out of 8 flights or so, all but one where late .. way late like 1 to 2 hours !

There favorite excuse (3 times), is that the toilet sucking machine was not working ... whatever ....

I'm at the point where I'm just going to boycott them because it just got out of hand, even if i have to pay a bit more and go Southwest.

The funny thing is that if you dig in, what happened is obvious, last spring they fired there ground employees which where mostly union workers (i usually never take side for union workers), and they replaced them by a bunch of low wages monkeys from British outsourcing company | menziesaviation .

Exactly since that happened, there on-time performance has gone from average+ to dead last.

If that was not bad enough, they also had to many incidents to count, planes losing pressure, forklift running into the plane (not reported), and that only what has been reported.

I read that since June, half the employees from menzies have left and been replaced, so in other word they probably only get people that can't find another job or that other employers don't want.

That scares me a lot more, because those people also do maintenance and things like that.

Anyway that is too bad, I'm sure in the long run they are loosing money on this dumb move, people are losing confidence in them, and who wants to fly on an airline they don't trust, and arrive late every flight ?

I'm even woried something worst might happen because they just seem plane careless.

03/27/06: Killer calculator ?

In the "lame comment of the day" serie here is one.
So a guy killed six people in seattle

Here is the Gun used

Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske described the weapon as "not for hunting purposes, but for hunting people.

Ok, so it's bad ass weapon, here is what the gun-shop clerck had to say about comments that the gun is probably unsafe:

"If I kill you with this calculator, is Office Depot going to be responsible for killing you?" he asked. "I think not."

Well, if you can kill 6 peoples in 1mn with a calculator, without them beating you up first, you must have a very special calculator dude !


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