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1/22/15: Git branches cleanup script

5/1014: My Thoughts about Gophercon 2014

5/8/14: Hooking up Go Revel with Newrelic

10/14/13: My detailed thoughts about Go, so far

9/4/2013: Enhanced Go support in Camembert

7/23/13: Upstart init script for Go / Revel apps

10/16/12: Beautiful fonts in Java

10/16/12: Awesome window manager

9/16/12: Generic init script for Fantom based server processes

8/10/12: Getting started with Node.js, NodeJitsu, Faltiron and Co

6/26/12: Ubuntu 12.04 on Samsung series 7 Chronos laptop

12/28/11:Migrate Git project folder to own repository

4/27/11:Git Notes

4/27/11:Easy Imap + Smtp + Spam killer server - Linux

2/15/11: The presentation I made about Fantom to Seajug

11/01/10: Favorite Linux software

10/27/10: Ubuntu Lucid Lynx on HP Z200 - Intel HD graphics

09/24/10: Installing Limux Mint 9 (Isadora) on HP EliteBook 8440P laptop

09/07/10: Ruby script to upload / convert a Maildir Inbox to an IMAP server

06/25/10: IBM Lotus Symphony better than OpenOffice

06/22/10: Flower Pot BBQ Smoker

05/15/10: SAP Catalog tool

04/26/10: Fetching source code from GitHub from behind a firewall

04/23/10: Selectively converting Subversion repository to Mercurial

02/26/10: Upgrading Blackberry Firmware with VirtualBox

11/05/09: Researching a Memory Leak in Java on SAP ISA

09/11/09: Zoneminder notes

07/16/09: Fan Getting Started

07/15/09: Fan Cheat Sheet

07/05/09: How to choose a Programming Language

06/30/09: Netbeans plugin for the Fan Language

04/28/09: Some of the Geek books I Own / Like

04/28/09: SVN merge does nothing / broken

04/28/09: Capctha gone wrong

04/01/09: Netbeans silly warning when doing a svn switch to copy

04/01/09: SAP announces new version of CRM

03/28/09: Run USB traces on Linux of Windows Software with VirtualBox

12/16/08: Software releases - Scrum and Subversion branches

12/15/08: Prettier Javadoc output with the JavaOnTracks Doclet

This allow you to output nice "javadoc" documentation.
The output is a bit more modern and colorful than the standard JavaDoc output.
It also uses Javascript, templates and CSS extensively, so that:
  • It can provide nice features (show/hide methods, filter package, class name etc...)
  • It is easy to customize (CSS & easy to read templates)
  • It can create nice, colorized and linked source files in HTML format. Source Example
  • Compatible output with the standard javadoc tool, so your existing links / search engine references won?t break.

Here are some examples of the output for some API's (jdk1.6, struts, ant etc...)
Examples: Doclet Examples

10/20/08: Listen to XMonline without the browser script

08/19/2008: Ubuntu 64 bit notes

03/03/08: Using KQEMU in Ubuntu

02/20/08: Creating a QEMU image and installing debian in it

Creating a simple installation image of debian in qemu, for testing installation of software etc...

10/30/07: Finding the perfect Linux distro

My long analysis of Linux after 10 years of use, and what i think about most distros and why, along with my new pick for a Linux Desktop.

10/29/07: Netbeans 6 better than Eclipse

10/28/07: Cleanup your Imac (G5 PPC)

09/22/07: FVWM-crystal on Debian/Ubuntu

08/24/07: Tethering With Blackberry Pearl On Linux

07/17/07: Netgear KWGR614 Piece of junk, D-Link DIR-665 much better

07/03/07: Daily stats with AWStats

06/20/07: Bookmarking options and custom home page

Finding a good bookmarking site and creating a usefull browser home page.

06/15/07: Imac G3 Indigo with Xubuntu

The computer i setup for my toddler.

06/15/07: Simple linux firewall with Lokkit

A basic way to secure a linux based server without the hassle.

01/12/07: Getting started with JSP's

JSP's - Getting started

12/20/06: Ubuntu Daper D610

Ubuntu Draper 6.0.6 on Evo610c

09/03/06: DataBinder

Installing DataBinder, a Wicket + Hibernate Solution jor java5.

06/04/06: Ubuntu Draper

Ubuntu Draper 6.0.6 on Evo610c

03/08/06: Moving from gentoo to Debian on UML

Moving from gentoo to Debian on UML

03/04/06: Wicket & DataBinder Code

Code samples etc.. for wicket

02/13/06: Payflow pro

Verisign payflow pro installation on Solaris

12/24/05: Trail Install

Installation of Trails the "rails for java".

10/12/05: Using JAMon

Using JAMon to monitor java response time etc ...

06/08/05: DokuWiki

Infos about DokuWiki Installation.

08/07/03: VPN Tips

Various notes about setting a VPN between Cisco and linux.

08/12/02: Samba Tips

Tips about setting up Samba

08/15/02: Jabber Tips

Infos about connecting to Qarbon's jabber server.

09/04/03: KyoceraTips

Just a doc about using a kyocera printer from windows.

11/12/01: Old Code From College

Scary, old, ugly smile code from college.

03/26/06 Frameworks opinions

03/22/03 Databinder / wicket

3/7/06: Java Frameworks

3/7/06: Static vs Dynamic languages

3/7/06: XML Overdose

3/7/06: Programming languages

05/23/07: 302 redirects

12/3/06: Http Traces with wget

This will print all the HTTP headers (including redirect / cookies etc ...):
wget -S

09/21/06: Dumping and restoring Postgresql

09/20/06: Adding custom bug status in mantis

03/15/06 Enabling java 1.5 on mac

03/01/06 Creating a ssh connection to linux in Exceed

In Exceed connections / xstart
Create a new connection
Method: Secure shell
enter host etc ...
Go in settings / security
Click on the properties button (for ssh)
Press "config" next to authentication methods
and select only "keybaord interactive"

10/02/05 Resizing a vmware image

05/02/05 installing sun java on debian or ubuntu

03/02/05 convert avi to divx

mencoder MVI_0081.AVI -o output.avi -ovc lavc -oac copy -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:vbitrate=200:vhq:vpass=1

11/10/04 Change qmail user password (ldap)

09/28/04 PHP with support for postgresql on gentoo

put postgres,pgsql in USE flags, remove mysql from USE flags (otherwise it would install mysql onl y apparently), then emerge mod_php

08/30/04 SQL rowcount and max number of rows returned

select count(1) from ad_referers where date='2004_7';

Also to limit the number of rows returned with postgres, use "limit"
select * from ad_referers order by value desc limit 10;

08/27/04 Fixing an unix shell that displays trash (broken font)

That happens usually when doing a cat of a binary file for example, then whatever you type appears in a 'symbol' font, that is very messed up.
to fix that run on the broken shell:
echo -ne '\033)K'

08/27/04 Fixing an unix shell that doesn't echo keystrokes anymore

That happens for example if doing a ^C while entering a ssh passord, to fix run:
stty echo

08/26/04 Processing a binary newsgroup file (divx, etc...)

08/25/04 Duplicating any CD on linux (including VCD, etc)

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