- manual: choose settings in db or (file - TBD);   set a password for administration ; define db ?
  - settings (auto generate missing DB objects in DB; )
  - log levels, destination.

Tools (web based)
  - create persistance objects from existing tables
  - create java defined db objects into DB (or maybe create on the fly if missing ?)
  - "struts" graphical setup.
  - save/(load) settings

DB persistance + pooling (DBManager)
	- persistence : annotations ? doclets ? xml ? properties ?
	- direct object persistance
Logging (LogManager)
	- levels
	- session debugger
	- object dumper
	- webpage, list, input 
	- wicket like   no logic    like velocity
Layout system
	- templates ?
Struts sytem
	- store "request" path to know where we came from and where we are going
	-   action -- code -- code -- page -- html template.
Page creation tool 
	- all css
Ajax ?
	- meh.
	- roles
	- users
	- text base (text/xml) or DB based.
Nice URL's ?

Testing ? (code test)
	- public Static void test() throws Exception()       -> exception
		  TestObj=new TestObj();
			Tester.checkIf("Checking price is 12$",testObj.getPrice()==12);    -> throws TestException
			//checkNotNull("dasad", obj);
			checkThrowsException("asddas",getprice(),"java.lang.RuntimeException");  -> no exception specified = any
	- Tester.runAlltests();
multithread tests ??
Run test at night (cron)
Email test results

- B(inary)ML :-)
- Save & Load object from XML just as done for DB

- Map object to DB -> if class.functionname.toLowercase() exits in DB with same name, then map otherwise ignore
 Option to ovveride field names by implementing a mapping method ?
 	public class Toto implements DBsaver     DBSaver extends Saver)
 		String tata;
 		ObjectRef tutu;
 		public void saveInDb()
 	public clas Toto extends DBModel(or FileModel) implements ModelFilter
 		// default=all saved;
 		public void modelModify()
 			// if save all -> put nohting here
 			createMissingTable(false); -> turn on/off automatic table creation
 			useTable("the_tata"); -> if table name is not class name (lowercase)
 			doNotSave(tata); -> if field is not to be saved in DB
 			map(tutu,"the_tutu"); -> if filed name in db is different that java name (lowercase minus special chars)

Eclipse plugins

Ant tasks


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