Fetching source code from GitHub from behind a firewall

  • Usually you would fetch code from github like this:
Note: Of course replace 'user' and 'project' by actual user and project names.

git clone git://github.com/user/project.git

However Behind a firewall that might not work (port 9418)

  • In theory you can do a clone over http like:

git clone http://github.com/user/project.git

However that seem to fail half way through most of the times.

  • If you just want a snapshot of the latest code (don't need to commit), I've found this trick:

curl -L http://github.com/user/project/tarball/master -o project.tar.gz

I think you can also replace "master" by tags/commit numbers as well to get a specific version.

  • If you need a real clone to do commits etc, then you will need to use an SSH tunnel, see:


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