List of my favorites Linux software for different purposes

Last update: 11/01/2010

I list the most favorite software first(in bold)

Linux Distro: Mint, Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo


Editor: Gedit, Geany, Vim, Nano
Graphics: Gimp, Dia
Office: Abiword, gnumeric, Symphony, OpenOffice


Email: Evolution, Claws, Thunderbird(good but buggy)
Browser: Chrome, Firefox
IM: Pigdin
Twitter: (nothing great) Gwibber, Yoono, DestroyTwitter, Tweetdeck


DVD backup: K9copy, dvd::rip
Photo management: Fspot
Music: Banshee, Amarok, Rythmbox
Video playback: VLC, Mplayer, Xine
Modelling/CAD: ArtOfIllusion


Full IDE: Netbeans, Eclipse
Lightweight IDE: Geany

Load testing: Jmeter, TheGrinder
Functional web testing: Canoo webtest, selenic, watij

Java server: Jetty, Tomcat, Jboss
Profiling: VisualVM

Virtualization: VirtualBox, Vmware, Qemu
File compare/merge: Meld


Disk cleanup: Baobab
Archiving: File-roller, 7Zip
Disk burning: Brasero, GnomeBaker

Coffe maker: Keurig :)


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