Fantom is an exciting new language that targets the Java VM and the CLR.
It borrows it's Syntax from Java but also adds many features and syntactic sugar created or borrowed from .NET, Groovy, Python, Erlang etc...

It's immediately familiar to a Java / .Net programmer but is much less painful to use (no boilerplate).

Official Fan site /docs


Camembert Fantom / Axon IDE

A standalone pure-Fantom IDE for Fantom and Axon / Skyspark.

Netbeans Fantom IDE

I've been working on a Netbeans IDE based on Netbeans for Fantom:

Fantom presentation to SEAJUG

See the Video here:

Fantom Cheat Sheet

Fantom Cheat Sheet

Other Fan tools I've made

My own Docs

  • Fan Cheat Sheet - A all-in-one fan language reference, with links to official site.

My own examples

Pod repo

My public / private fantom pod repository :


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