Dumping and restoring Postgresql

This is useful when moving the data to a new server, or when upgrading.

To dump the whole postgresql: (run on old version of postgresql)
# note that we dump schema and data separately, because that's helpful if there are problems when restoring.
# dumping the schema (-c means we add "cleaning" statements, in case we try to restore multiple times etc ...)
pg_dumpall -cs > schema.sql
# dumping data (-d means use "insert" statements .. this is slow but much more reliable/portable to other db's)
pg_dumpall -ad > data.sql

to restore (run on old version of postgresql if upgrading)
su - postgres
# we need to give a DB name (even though it will overwrite all), so we just use template1 (default postgresql DB)
psql -e < schema.sql template1
psql -e < data.sql template1

If you want to dump just a specific database use the pg_dump instead of pg_dumpall option

after a restore it's also good to 'clean' the DB (vacuumdb -a -z)


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