Well I continued my reviews of frameworks solutions, and the more i look the more i find smile
Seriously there must be like 50+ out there.

Anyhow, i had settled on Trails which is pretty nice, and relies on:
- Spring
- Hibernate
- Tapestry
I like hibernate a lot for the DB part, and i like tapestry because it keeps html "clean", as in ediatble in regular apps like Dreamweaver. Anything that does not missed the point IMO.
(ie: JSF generated pages are a joke !)

Anyway Trails is all good for that and i got it intstalled and running, but after using it for a while i still find this too heavy for what i want to do (simple and lightweight).

So anyway while browsing some more i came accross wicket which basically is like tapestry but even simpler and cleaner.
It keeps HTML pure, which will make web designer happy, yet is powerfull and best of all uses simple components objects !!

I was all excited, but then i figured, it missed something for managing the database, but i figured i could just use hibernate with wicket.

That's when i found DataBinder, which is basically Wicket + Hibernate" bundled and ready to use.

This seem perfect for me.
I just installed it and will start playing with it.

The install was a little more involved that expected:
My DataBinder Installation notes
But overall it seem to be definitely worth it.


Well yesterday i just got Databinder starting to work right.
I was having a tricky issue

Anyhow, now I'm ready to start testing the authorization/authentication stuffs in wicket 1.2 (beta).

The great thing is Databinder 0.4 built on top of wicket 1.2 just got release today !
It's available here

The cool thing is that the examples have been updated to use Ajax, while i'm not a big fan of ajax (ie: javascript is crap), it's good for the end user, and wicket ajax libraries apparently make a great job of hiding the javascript goriness and being very browser compliant.

Time to install all this !

Here are my install notes.


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