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I had plans to make my own trailer (teardrop), using plans like those and ideas of my own.
However i never got to it, so now i might buy one.

Update 07/2010 - I've now decided to build my own, started 07/2010, see here for how I build it:
ZooZooBee, My home built Camping Trailer
Build Thread with pics:
And picture gallery here

Lightweight trailers Listings (2008/2010)

Listed here are a lot of compact trailers, not every single one of them but most.
I didn't put some of the most obscure/custom ones, unless there was at least some informative site.
What are listed here are only lightweight trailers (<2000 pounds) which can be towed by "regular" cars / minivans.

RV dealers are usually not carrying/not interested in selling you those low-margin vehicles and rather spend there time trying to sell you so huge RV, so often time you should / have to buy direct from the manufacturer, or try to find a RV stores that specializes into small trailers.
For a couple i recommend a teardrop, is cool and fuel-efficient, if you have kids then a popup is probably the best. If you live camping in adverse weather, then an "shell"/fiberglass is probably the best.

If you are looking for a camper to go alone in the winter (ie: hunting), you might like the A-Frames.

Teardrop trailers

Those are very small cool-looking "water drop" shape trailers, typically between 400 and 1500 pounds usually only sleeps 1 or 2, though a few can also sleep 1 or 2 childs as well.
Thi is usally just a bed and some storage, no living quarters usually.
Typically 5000-10000$
Brand Model Dry weight Price(2008) sleeps bath stove table notes
dutchmen t@b 1550 12000 2+ P Y Y nice/full feature teardrop
dutchmen t@da 2100 20000+ 3+ Y Y Y HUGE "teardrop", shower etc.., spendy !
lil guy 4' 660 5000 2 N G N
lil guy 5' 800 6000 2 N G N
lil guy 6' 980 6500 2+ N G N
cozy cruisers 1250 10000 2 N G N pricey
socal teardrops 1000 12000 2 N G N
socal teardrops KIT 1000 7000 2 N G N KIT
camp-in 560 600-1600 5000-15000 2+2kids N G N Model with kids bunks ! teardrop 1000 2 N G N KIT
hunter shadow HU3, HU4 800 2 N G N
teardrop N dollies 4000-7000 2 N G N 8 or 10 foot
yodder toter 1160 2 N G N no prices etc... !
big woody 1000 5300-? 2 N G N
happi trails 810 5700 2 N G N
high desert freedom 1300 2 N G * designed for Hunters
rollin oak 13000 2 N G all oak wood trailers
gasoline alley trailer works 690 6000 2 N G N
pull toy 2 N G N Nice site, not much infos
safari condo Alto 1585 4+ Y Y Y VERY Large ! Very cool !!, probably spendy
Wee-Kender base 850 2 N G N
Wee-Kender special ed. 950 2 N G N

Popup trailers

Those are folding trailers, that expand a lot with canvas extensions, they can sleep a lot of people and are spacious and full of amenities for their weight.
On the other hand they are less sturdy and won't keep you cold/warm or keep a bear out smile
Also you have to work a little to open/close it and possibly deal with wet canvas etc...
Typically 5000-14000 $
Brand Model Dry weight Price(2008) sleeps bath stove table notes
starcraft MANY 1500+ 8500+ 4-8 Some Y Y expensive & heavy
palomino pony 1300 5300+ 4-6 out Y Y
palomino yearling 1600 6000+ 4-8 Some Y Y
flagstaff/rockwood Many 1400+ 7500+ 4-8 some Y Y
livinlite quicksilver 1000 5000+ 4-7 N Y Y very light for size, slow site, top is all tent
Jayco many 1900+ 7000-18000 4-8 some Y Y Heavy popups
Viking Epic 1300-2200 5000-11000 4-8 some Y Y lighter than jayco/starcraft
Sylvan Sport GO 800 6000+ 4(one bed) no Y Y Small but neat / can carry toys

Lightweight "shell" trailers

Those are "regular" trailers, thought smaller, lighter version, they provide living quarters though less than a popup, on the other hand they hard sturdier, hard shell, and well insulated and requires no setup whatsoever. Usually made of a fiberglass shell.
They are more expensive than trailers and popups, since there is more "material".
Typically 8000-16000 $
Brand Model Dry weight Price(2008) sleeps bath stove table notes
eggcamper 2000+ 12000+ 2-4 Y Y Y nice floorplan
trillium outback 1400 14000+ 2-4 no shower Y Y
sunvalley roadrunner 1900 12000+ 2+ Y Y Y Very fancy, expensive
Serro scotty 2200 2-4 ? Y Y new version of old favorite
scamp 13' 1200 8000+ 2-4 Opt Y Y
scamp 16' 1750 12000+ 2-5 Some Y Y
casita 13' 1500+ 2-4 Opt Y Y site not great
casita 16' 1700+ 2-6 Y Y Y site not great
weiscraft ponderosa 2+ Y Y Y seems nice, site sucks(large images)
weiscraft lil joe 1100 2 N Y Y tiny, site sucks(large images)
burro trailers 14' 1500 8500-9500 2-4 some Y Y Kit or assembled
tailor coach 8'-19' 700-1750 2-8 opt Y Y VERY light, In Canada
ALiner TRE 1800+ 15000+ 3-4 Y Y Y
Airstream Basecamp <2000 22000+ 2+ N Y N Expensive but Airstream nice
SidekickRV 12' 1620 3 N Y Y
SidekickRV 15' 2050 3 Y? Y Y
Hyperlite superlite 15000 more of a toy hauler/camper
CikiraRv sle 1900+ 2-3 Y Y Y
Quicksilver CampLite 1350+ 12000+ 4 Opt Y Y Aluminium
Prolite Many 1300-3000 ? 4+ Some Y Y Profil14 model is nice

Brand Model Dry weight Price(2008) sleeps bath stove table notes
Aliner Several 500-2400 5000+ 2-4 some Y Y some smaller/cheaper models
Chalet RV Several 1500-2500 12000+ 2-4 some Y Y more features

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