Camembert IDE Go / Golang support

I have added more and more language support to Camembert to the point that now I use to edit and work
on just about all projects (Fantom, Go, Python, Ruby etc...).

Lately I've done quite a bit of code in GO at Rivet and Sway lately, so I've beefed up a bit the Go support in Camembert.

Here are some of the current features:
  • Syntax highlighting.
  • Build/Test/Run commands.
  • Integrated documentation pane with search (godoc).
  • Run/build output goes to console and error can be cliked to go directly to source location.
  • Navigation panel: Shows structs, functions and vars with "hot links".
  • GoFmt support can be called manually or automatically when .go files are saved.
  • and probably more stuff I'm not thinking about right now ...




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