Custom Bug Status in Mantis

We wanted to add the statuses testedDev and testedTest (meaning, it was tested on dev, or tested on test) with 'closed' menaing it was tested on production and thus closed.

Go into the mantis dir:
cd /usr/share/mantis/gui/

Edit config_inc.php, and add to it (in the php block):
$g_status_enum_string = '10:new,20:feedback,30:acknowledged,50:assigned,80:resolved,81:testedDev,82:testedTest,90:closed';
$g_status_colors['testedDev'] = '#ACE7AE';
$g_status_colors['testedTest'] = '#CEF9CF';

create the file custom_constant_inc.php (/usr/share/mantis/gui/)
define ( 'testedDev', 82 ); 
define ( 'testedTest', 81 ); 

create the file custom_strings_inc.php (/usr/share/mantis/gui/)
$s_status_enum_string = '10:new,20:feedback,30:acknowledged,50:assigned,80:resolved,81:testedDev,82:testedTest,90:closed';

That's it, the new statuses will be abailable in Mantis.


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