About Me

Hello there, my name is Thibaut Colar, sarcastic coder, architect & tech lead, in whichever order is needed.

I grew up in a very tiny village in France but after college I moved escaped to The SF bay area(1998) where all the interesting geek stuff was happening, I was in the bubble before and during implosion.

Since 2005 I've lived in the Seattle area with my wife and 2 children.

My interests are software, start-ups, building things, playing and watching hockey.

I am a true End to End dev, I've worked with many of the latest OSS projects as well as massive solutions such as SAP CRM. I love to be the jack of all trades, but I take my trade seriously, I want to craft things that last and scale.

I currently work at a start-up called Igneous Systems in downtown Seattle.

In the past I have worked for Qarbon.com, Pacific Coast Feather, Teachscape and Rivet&Sway

I also had my own consulting company for a while Status302 LLC

Contact Info and Resume

Here are my contact info:

Here is My Resume (Linked-in is often more up-to-date)

See also My Software, My Projects and http://status302.com/ for more info on what I've worked on over the years.

Family & Hobbies

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