2013 NHL Playoffs picks

Round 1

  • Pens-Isles:

I wish there was a way for the pens to lose, but I don't see it.
It will be nice to see Tavares in the palyoffs, he totally deserves it.
I really wanted Ingila to get a cup, but now that he went for the pens I don't.
Nabokov might be able to steal a game or two but he is prone to very (very) bad games, sort of like Luongo ... or Fleury.

I hope the Islanders can win a few games, but realistically...

Pens in 5.

  • Habs-Sens:

Hum that's a weird one, I think the sens can upset Montreal especially if price flatters.
Having Karlson back is huge for Ottawa, on the other hand they don't have much offense so not sure that will be enough.

Coin toss, but I still see the Habs as a team built for the regular season, not the playoffs.

Sens in 7

  • Bruins-Leafs:

The bruins haven't played that well, nevertheless I don't think they will have much a hard time against the leafs.
The bruins know what it takes in the playoffs, leafs are just happy to be there.

Bruins in 5

  • Caps-Rangers:

Tricky one, I see the Rangers has a better payoff team, but on the other hand the Caps have been on fire lately.
I'm pretty sure that one will be 6 or 7 games.

I'll say caps in 7 but not confident at all on this one.

  • Hawks-Wild:
I don't think the hawks are unbeatable in a 7 games series, but I certainly don't see the wild beat them.
The wild are still a team that likes to win games 2-1 and good luck keeping the Hawks to 1 goal.
I think Minnesota might win a game, curtesy of Backstrom, still one of the most underrated goalies around.

Hawks in 5.

  • Ducks-Wings:

The ducks have quietly played very well this year, however I think the wings are a good matchup for them.
Detroit has been playing great lately while the Ducks have been so-so.
Also I think the wings are depper overall, so I think in the end the they will win this.

Wings in 7.

  • Canucks-Sharks:

The canucks beat the Sharks in 5 games a couple years ago, and erybody assumes it means they will again.
I don't think that applies, the sharks are faster than they where then while the Canucks seem to be not quite as good as then.
The sharks don't have as high an offense as they use to and their defense is not te best in the west, but
- They have great specialty teams (always huge in playoffs)
- They play great team defense night in night out and they are faster than they use to.
- They have very solid goaltending.
Now the canucks are not to be taken lightly either especially if Schneider is available.
The sharks often seem to sadly lack the extra motivation, but they really dislike the canucks and want revenge and I think they will take it.

Sharks in 6.

  • Blues-Kings:
I don't care for either team but that should be a really good one.
As a Sharks fan I like that matchup, those 2 will beat each other up.
The blues are still the kind of team that is scary in the playoffs, their goalyending was not as good as last year but they are still great defensively.
For the kings, Quick was amazing last year, during this season he was not at all, against a team like the blues this could be serious trouble.
I think the kings will win, but I'm really not confident about this one, it could be anything depending of golatending, I doubt a sweep by either team but other than that not sure.

Kings in 7.


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