2012 NHL Playoffs - Round 1 picks


Rangers in 6
I know the senators have played the rangers well this year, but I juts don't see them
beating the rangers. Lundqvist is too good.

Bruins in 5
The caps could have surprised some teams, but definitely not the rough bruins.
Even if the bruins "cruised" their goal differential sho they are better than that, that should be quickly done.

Devils in 5
Congrats to the panthers for making the playoffs, but they haven't played well lately and the devils are playing great
That should be done quickly. I think Brodeur will lose a game, by himself, but that's about it.

Flyers in 7
Hum, sill can't stand the pens. I think they could have beat anybody in the east, but once again they get their worst nightmare.
Hard to figure who will win, but you know both team will get destroyed.
I see Crosby out with a concussion in 3 and Flyers win in 7.
I did the same things 2 years back when everybody was picking the pens too and it worked.
7 games - 28 fights - 9 brawls.


Canucks in 6
Last year I really thought the canucks would have won if the played Schneider.
They could have trouble against LA, really solid goalie and still underrated team.
However the way I see it, Luongo doesn't keep up with Quick, LA goes up 2 to 1.
Then canucks switch to Schneider and win it in 6 or 7.
Also it's important to note one seddin is out, is half a twin worth much ?

With that said, i actually feel like an upset could totally happen here.

Sharks in 7
Well gotta go or the sharks as always ... but
A week ago I wanted the sharks NOT to play the blues, Sharks can have a hard time scoring and average goaltending.
So playing against the best defensive team is not a good thing.
Now with that said, the blues have been overachieving and their play at the end of season as been juts OK.
The sharks on the other have played great at the end of the season, quite a bit of scoring and Niemi has been good.
Now if Niemi is not playing well, the blues could win that in a hurry !
But given Niemi's play of late and his playoffs credentials I think we do have a shot at this.
One issue is the blues speed on the conter attack, Sharks tend to be burnt by that.
Anyway I know the blues swept the season, but most of those games where not in good conditions: back to back games, bad goaltending and the Sharks ARE better than that.
As usual for the sharks, they will have to screen the goalie, Every time they lose a serie it always seem to be because they don't, will they ever learn ? Maybe even use Handzus once in a while, he does THAT well.
I see the Sharks win at least 1 of the first 2 games, if not both.

PHX-CHI winner
Coyotes in 6
Well chicago should win on paper, but coyotes have had good goaltending and are underrated while the hawks have not ... not a good recipe for Chicago.

Predators in 7
That definitely could go either way, but the predators just seem like the kind of team that is built for the playoffs.
The red wings are still very good and could win on experience, but I dont think this is a very good matchup for them.


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