2011 NHL playoffs - Round 1

Here is what I posted on twitter:
My 1st round picks: Caps in 7, Flyers in 6, Bruins in 6, Bolts in 7. Canucks in 7, Sharks in 5, Wings in 5, Preds in 7. #NHL

Caps over Rangers in 7

Washington is a very good team, but the rangers are not a very good macth-up for them, they have a fantastic goalie and are good at slowing-down the game.
I still think the caps have too much firepower not to win the serie, but I'm pretty sure it won't be a quick/easy one either.

Flyers over Sabres in 6

Lot of people are picking the slugs for an upset .... they are another good team with a great goalie and that is not a good match-up for the Flyers either ... if their goalie is bellow average they could be in trouble quickly.
Nevertheless I think people put too much weight in the last 10 games of the Flyers VS the last 10 of the sabres .... either way you cut it the Flyers are deeper, stronger, meaner and last like year I still feel they are the kind of team that does well in the playoffs.

Bruins over Montreal in 6

OK .... I don't give any credit to Price but gotta admit he is good ... but ... going against Tim Thomas !
I think the Habs don't match well against teams with good big defense and a good goalie like the bruins.
The only problem with the bruins is so-so offense, so I don't expect very high scoring games here.

Bolts over Pens in 7

It probably would make more sense to pick the pens because of experience alone, but I can't stand them so here you go.
Either way this one is hard to call for me, I think Roloson has been underrated for years.
Anyway I'm hoping the Bolts win it and that I will get a crosby-free telecast for the rest of the playoffs.

Canucks in 7

OK, the Hawks are definitely not who the Canucks want to play .... however this year they will beat them, they are just deeper.
Personally I'm not as high on the Canucks as some other people, they look good, very good, but a number of teams can beat them (sharks, wings, preds), yes they did a killing in their own (weak) division, but against the best teams their record is more average.
Now the hawks have good history against the nucks, and I think will give a good fight, although their play as been erratic so it's hard to tell.
In the end the Canucks are just deeper than the hawks this time and will win it in a hard fought battle.
Ho yeah ... and I think the hawks will very soon wish they paid an extra 500K and kept Niemi ....

Sharks over Kings in 5

Now it will seem I don't respect the kings, but I do, however they are missing their top two scorers and on an already low-scoring team that will hurt ... a lot.
I'm pumped about the Sharks this year .... nobody is talking much about them, and I like it that way.
They finished the season something ridiculous like 24-6-4 and all lines are playing well.
Also I watch them a lot, and they are just different this year, lots of winning 1 goal game, come from behind, and great TEAM defense.
And Niemi is playing very very very well, looking forward to see him instead of Nabby.
Logan couture is a huge "addition" and Welwood & Eager turned out to be great, cheap additions (to my surprise).
This team is deeper and more determined than i've seen before (well except Heatley who hopefully will wake-up in the playoffs).

Wings over Coyotes in 5

I know it went 7 last year, but the wings are healthier, less tired, and Howard is way better than he was last year.
Bryzgalov is still a dangerous goalie to face, but I think this time the wings will win this serie quite easily, wouldn't even be surprised to see a sweep here.

Preds over Ducks in 7

Many people pick the ducks as the sleeper team to go deep .. I disagree, the sleeper team are the Preds.
They have been getting better year after year and right now they have one of the best D in the league, and a fantastic goalie (many haven't seen him, but that guy is very very good).
They tend to lack offense, but with Fisher and Sullivan back, they are better than people think.
Anaheim is dangerous too, but with Hiller out, I don't think they will win this serie, plus despite how good their first line is, they just aren't deep after that and I think Nashville D can deal with them.


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