2010 NHL playoffs picks round 2

First If I'm writing this it means that I'm still interested, in other words the Sharks advanced

Round 1 predictions check

Here where my picks: http://wiki.colar.net/2010_nhl_playoffs_picks_-_round_1

Sharks over Avs in 5: Well it took 6 because of Anderson, but the Sharks looked OK and got better overtime .... however Thorthon played is usual 'pussa' playoff style .. and Marleau was just completely terrible(what's with that ?)
Hawks over preds in 5: Took 6 as well partly because of Rhine's play and party because the hawks are not looking all that mighty right now
Canucks over kings in 6: Got that one just right, went mostly as expected.
Wings over Coyotes in 7: Got that one just right, went mostly as expected.
Caps over Habs in 4: What ? I expected caps goaltending to be an issue ... but never saw that one coming ... I think the Caps are taking over as the new Sharks (previously senators) !
Flyers over Devils in 7: Had picked this as an upset and it happened, just didn't expect Boucher to be THAT good !
Sabres over Bruins in 7: Well, got it wrong but at least I was one of the few thinking the bruins could definitely win it, so not too surprised.
Pens over Sens in 5: Went basically as expected ... Pens D/golatending could be an issue down the road though.

So 6 out of 8, with only the Caps/Habs matchup being a real miss, not too bad.

Round 2 Predictions

Damn ! Is it just me, or are all those match-ups great

Sharks over Wings in 6:
OK I'm worried, but can't back down now ... what needs to happen is for Nabby to be good, if he is Sharks win if he doesn't we are screwed ... I say Heatley is not ijured anymore and is contribution on top of line #2 makes the difference and Boyle keep being a monster.
Both teams are scary, but both teams showed some flaws in round 1 ... I like that Sharks D looked tighter.

Hawks over Canucks in 7:

I think that one goes 7 games either way you cut it.
The Canucks have looked good, but Luongo was just average
The Hawks have looked OK but kinda shaky on D/goaltending.

I'm tempted to pick the hawks for a repeat .. they just seem a bit deeper overall.

Pens over Habs in 6
Hum ... the Pens D and goaltending have looked vulnerable against Ottawa ... so they should be very worried playing against Montreal & Halak.

I pick the pens but not sure why .. it would help my bracket :)

Flyers over Bruins in 7
That's gonna be another great one.
I would have said Flyers in 6 ... but with the injuries it won't be that easy.
But if Boucher can keep up his level of play, I still pick the Flyers because they seem to have a better team overall (except goaltending).


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