2010 NHL Playoffs picks - Round 1


Sharks VS Avs

Yeah, still a Sharks Fan, but if they loose to the avs I'm done, at least this year they got a good first round match-up.

It's important they wrap it up quickly and show they mean business (unlike how it took them 7 games to finish Calgary 2 season ago), taking 7 games to beat the avs would only reinforce their perception as playoffs underachievers.

5 Games or less would show they mean business - this time -.
Sharks in 5

Hawks vs Preds

Feel sorry for the pred, I like them, they work so hard every year, but they seem to always get a bad matchup.
They do have better goaltending possibly, and their D is as good maybe even better.

But Chicago is just WAY deeper in offense and should have little problems finishing off the preds.
Hawks in 5.

Canucks vs Kings

This is a bit of a puzzler, LA is still underestimated, but then the Canucks just seem to have a bit more of everything, yet this should be a fun, close match-up. It could be done early if the kings goal tending can't keep up with Luongo ... but if he is average this can go 7 easily.
Canucks in 6

Coyotes vs Wings

If the wings still had Osgood in net, this would be a bad match-up, but Howard as played well.
On the other hand the coyotes are way underrated and doesn't seem like a team that will be intimidated.

They also have IMO the league MVP in Bryzgalov, I don't care what others say, if you look at home much goals the coyotes score(very few) and how many points they got, it's all Bryzgalov.

I don't think it's a good match-up for the wings for this reason, I'll give them the edge on experience but will not be surprised to see this one go long or Bryz win it.
Wings in 7


Caps vs Habs

The caps are hungry, the habs are small & shaky, I think that one will be a clean, high scoring, sweep.

Still wondering if the caps can really win it all with Theodore ... but he only lost 7/30 games this season(hu? what ?)
Caps in 4

Devils vs Flyers

OK, I gotta pick at least one upset, so it'll be that one.
I feel the flyers are underrated and they are the kind of team that could turn it up in the playoffs.

I'm probably nuts to pick Boucher beating Brodeur, but screw it.
I say Boucher will play OK, and the flyers will bang up the devils and unleash a ton of shots on Brodeur and win that way.

OK, it's the third year I pick the Flyers to win the first round ad they don't ... but they got Pronger now :)
Flyers in 7

Sabres vs Bruins

I think the bruins are underrated too and nobody gives them a chance.

They got very good goaltending (sabres have great), also I think Marc Savard being out is just a giant blow.

Still don't think the bruins are going out that easy though.
Sabres in 7

Pens vs Sens

I was tempted to pick Ottawa because I'm sick and tired of the pens ... but I just don't see that happen.

Pens are just deeper, more legit and more experienced.
Pens in 5

Final 4

West: Sharks vs Hawks

East: Caps vs Pens (though I'd like to see the Flyers take the pens place).


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