2010 NHL playoffs picks - Semifinals

First If I'm writing this it means that I'm still interested, in other words the Sharks advanced

Round 2 predictions check

Here where my picks: http://wiki.colar.net/2010_nhl_playoffs_picks_-_round_2

Sharks over Wings in 6: It only took 5 games in style, the Sharks are getting better and I'm liking it, Nabby has been good except for one game.
Hawks over Canucks in 7: Luongo did not play very well, so 6 games is not surprising, just like the Sharks they got blown away once ... but solid other than that.
Canucks over kings in 6: Got that one just right, went mostly as expected.
Pens over Habs in 6: Well once again the Habs prove me wrong, they got Crosby out, so I'm not complaining :)
Philly over Boston in 7: The end result was what I expected but never expected Bruins to go 3-0 then loose, talk about choking ! (and they did just as bad last year vs Carolina). I don't like the Flyers but winning with rent-a-goalie is impressive.

So 3 out of 4, not too bad.

Semi Finals predictions

Sharks over Hawks in 6 Ho boy, I've been saying it would be the west final from day 1 ... but that's gonna be a dandy.
As a Sharks fan I have to say that's the only team left that worries me.
I think both team have got better as the playoffs went on, I'm hoping Nabby has only one bad game and Niemi 2 or 3, and that's the series.
Both teams NEED to win now, Sharks because ... well it's time! Hawks can wait(young core) but salary cap means this year might be there best shot at it.
Gonna be fun to see Byflugien VS Murray (500 pounds train wreck).
Sharks are playing like they want it for real this year and I like the 3rd / 4th lines.
To me this one rides on Nabokov.

Flyers over Montreal in 7
Damn tough one .... most peeps will probably say Habs because of who they beat ... but there are a couple things in play here:
I honestly think this game will be decided by the refs, if they 'let go' I think the Flyers(getting better & healthier) will punish the habs and crash Halak and score that way (they good at that)
On the other hand if the refs call everything, the Flyers are probably screwed.
The other thing in play is that Montreal as been considered an underdog the whole time, to their advantage (less pressure) this time I don't think it's the case.
I'll pick the Flyers in 7 because I keep picking them as underdogs and they keep delivering.
Will be interesting to see How the small Habs do against Pronger's elbows .... they might be able to fly UNDER them though.


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