2009 NHL Playoffs Predictions - First Round

Firstly I want to say I'm kinda sad for the Florida panthers, they missed the playoffs with 93 points, on goal differential ... too bad.
On the other hand there will be no hockey games in May in Florida which is a plus.

The NHL gotta be Happy with the match ups, lots of division rivals and historic team playing each other !


OK, the west is always god but this year it's crazy good, i think all the teams in here deserve to be in here(unlike the East).
Hum weird I did not choose any upset in this one, i think the ducks could(god i hope not), and the Blues definitely have a shot (most underrated playoff team right now).

Sharks vs Ducks

OK, i'm still a Shark fan as always, I have to admit I'm worried but hey there where no easy teams to play (didn't want St Louis either)
Well this is gonna be a test for the Sharks, but if they can get past this Physical team, that should prepare them for the rest of the playoffs, that's been their downfall in the last few seasons.
We know the ducks and we hate them, which is great cause that should get the Sharks emotions going (if that doesn't what will??).

We need to contain Getzlaf he is their game breaker for sure, we are healthy again, but have looked rusty hopefully we can get back in the game.
It will be a long and nasty series, what I'm hopping for is that the ducks will take lots of penalties as always and the great Sharks PP will win the series thanks to that.
Jody Shelley will be busy, LOL.

Dan Boyle is better than Pronger or Neidermeier !

And I'm confident the Ducks will regret giving Travis Moen to us, I feel he will give us a game winner at some point in this series.

I'll take the Sharks in 6 and hope not to many players will get injured, at least not much traveling.

Wings vs Jackets

First congrats to the Jackets for making the playoffs, one of the few southern teams that have real fans.
Damn, i was hoping for the wings to play the Blues and be taken out.
Rick Nash is great, Mason is amazing ... but i just don't think the jackets are deep enough to beat the wings.

There is one way the jackets can win this series though, if Detroit goaltending in sub par, the jackets can totally win, they can play defense.

Anybody remember that game when the jackets beat the wings 8-0 with both detroit goalies letting 4 goals in each ?

I'm not a Detroit fan at all, but at the same time i have a hard time seing the jackets beat the wings.

Wings in 6.

Canucks vs Bues

Damn, those two teams are hot.
I think the blues are way underrated and i think their grinding no-nonsense style of play can give trouble to many teams ... but they run into Vancouver which can do the same PLUS Luongo.

I see a bunch of overtime games in this one !

I was gonna go for the upset but I think that's where Sundin shows his stuff and make an important play, like him or not i think he is still a competitor / game winner.

Canucks in 7, i think it will be a long tough series and in no way a walk in the park forthe canucks, but the Canucks just have a pretty good playoff kinda team right now.

Blackhawks vs Flames

The first Jokinen playoffs will be short.

The Flames just aren't playing all that good, and Kiprussof is not too good right now.
The Hawks are faster, younger, hungrier and more balanced.

The Flames will try to play physical on them, get penalty and loose that game.

Hawks in 5.


I don't think the East is nearly as good as the west, I feel neither the Rangers or the Canadiens deserve to be in here, Florida should have got one of those spot.

Bruins vs Canadiens

Not only the bruins are good but they are just a playoff kinda team, great goaltending, super strong, young ... this team look like a West team.
I know the regular season has been close, but this won't be, the Canadians don't have the intensity, they lost Markov, Kovalev will be intimidated, and i'm still not a C.Price believer.

If there is a sweep, I think this will be it: Bruins in 4.

Capitals vs Rangers

Well on paper taht would be a kill, the high offensive capitals should exterminate the boring lifeless Rangers in a hurry .... BUT .... it's Theodore against Lundqvist (why on earth did the capital let both Huet and Kolzig go for Theodore ??).
Anyway even if Theodore sucks and they put in Johson after a few games the capitals are just better, Mike Green should do a killing, and no matter how good Henrik is, the rangers just can't keep up.

I'll give a game or two to Lungvist: Capitals in 5.

Devils vs Hurricanes

That one is a weird one, the team that looked great and is now boring(Devils), vs the team that was boring and now looks great(Hurricanes).
That won't happen but i think if the Devils put Clemmensen in goal they win this ... except they won't. Martin Brodeur is Good but he ain't THAT good anymore.
Now the hurricanes are an odd team, they sometimes plain suck, but when they are on a streak they can beat anybody, and that BrinD'amour guy keeps on going and going !

Anyway this one is a puzzler, but i think the Canes got something going, Canes in 7.

Penguins vs Flyers

I know the Flyers got beat easily last years by the penguins, but it ain't the same.
Both groups have potent offenses, and so-so goalies.
I love Gonchar, but i think maybe the Flyers have a slight edge on defense, though either D groups won't be able to deal with the other Team Offense.
This should be a high scoring affair.
I don't like the Penguins so i don't want to pick them LOL, so Flyers in 7 but i will probably be wrong smile

Early Stanley Cup Finals

West: Sharks beat Canucks
East: Bruins beats whoever (Flyers?)

San Jose win it all as I've been saying for 4 years damn it !


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