2009 NHL Playoffs Picks - Round 2

Round 1 results

All right in round 1, I had predicted:
Sharks over Ducks in 6, Wings over Jackets in 6, Haws over Flames in 5, Canucks over Blues in 7.
Bruins over Habs in 4, Caps over Rangers in 5 or 6, Flyers over Pens in 7, Hurricanes over Devils in 7.

So The 2 picks i made with my heart where wrong (Sharks fail me one again), and I was routing against the pens (they just annoy me, mostly because of Crosbaby).
I'm particularly proud of picking the Bruins in 4, I was called an idiot for that one :)
I was a bit surprised by the Cancuks game ... or most likely St Louis just happy to be there.

Round 2 Picks

Red wings vs Ducks

I hate the ducks, I'm not a wing fan, but I hope the wings win because they are a skilled team and the ducks are just an annoying, often dirty team, and I don't care for that.
Anyway as a Sharks fan I saw what the Ducks can do, and how good is their goalie.

However Osgood, which was my wing worry, as been good, and scoring is not a problem for the Wings like the Sharks.

Hiller will have Holmstrom and Franzen rear-ends his face, which the sharks wouldn't do, and we will see how he plays then !

Anyway I'll take the Wings in 6 on that one, and hopefully faster, even though it will make the Sharks look even worst ... but they deserve it !

Canucks vs Hawks

Interesting matchup !
I'm a bit confused on that one, Luongo is great but the Kabi. wall has been quite good as well ....
Chicago did not kill Calgary the way i expected it, they won .. but looked a bit shaky at times.
I think I'll pick the Canucks in this one, not too sure in how many, I guess I'll go for 6 again.

Bruins vs Canes

Carolina has been playing quite good, but i don't see them be a problem for the Bruins.
Carolina is the opposite of the Sharks ... so-so in regular season but dangerous in the playoffs.

I think the Bruins will get through them fairly easily however, they are deeper.
The only worry is that Boston likes having the puck, but Carolina is good at face-offs.
Still, I pick the Bruins in 5 in this one.

Caps vs Pens

Who is not excited about that one !
Now that the caps dumped Theodore I think they can challenge, Varlamov is good/reliable enough.
This could be high scoring because both teams D are not that great defensively (they can score though).

To me the main match-up in this is Malkin vs Ovechkin, they are the two marquee players. As far as Crosby i hope this series proves both Malkin and Ovie are better than he is, hopefully Ovie lays him over when he his skating with his head down.

I say this go to 7 either way, and it would make me happy if the caps win it in OT.

Stanley cup predictions

Wings over Canucks in 6
Bruins over caps in 5
Cup: Bruins over Wings in 7.


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